Best Dewalt Leaf Blower Attachments Available

Are you looking for the best Dewalt leaf blower attachments or garden tool accessories? If so, your at the right place to buy the top products found anywhere.

While Dewalt blowers on their own, can do a pretty comprehensive job of meeting your leaf tidying needs, there are a few nifty products that can take these power tools to the next level. For example, a leaf blower gutter attachment and a leaf collection system are some of the best products out there.

Check out these useful accessories and the types of attachments available below:

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Types Of Dewalt Leaf Blower Attachments


Nozzles are some of the best attachments for all your leaf blower needs. They come in various shapes and sizes to meet your specific leaf blowing needs. Here are a few options to consider when deciding on extra parts to purchase.

Round-Shaped nozzle

A round-shaped nozzle is the usual shape for leaf blower attachments. They provide users with wide nozzles of between 5 – 6 inches to clear lawns quickly thanks to the high air volume and battery power of the machine.

Concentrator Nozzle/ Flattened nozzle

The benefits of a flattened nozzle are endless, making it an extremely beneficial. This nozzle concentrates the airflow to encourage a more direct stream for all your leaf clearing needs.

The nozzle shape also enables better speed control by allowing high airspeed to shoot the air out and clear leaf matter in minutes.

U-Shaped nozzle

U-shaped nozzles are usually found at the end of an extension tube and prove to be extremely beneficial to reach leaf debris stuck in difficult corners and niches of the roof gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Kit

Next up on the list of additions to consider purchasing is the gutter cleaning kit. This product should help you to avoid the dangers you might usually expect when using a shaky ladder when attempting to clear the gutter yet again of the build-up of fall leaves.

Leaf blower gutter attachment kits consist of several extension tubes of different lengths to attach to your Dewalt blower. They are usually easy to attach by twisting, screwing, or locking them into place. The use of these tools provides length to enable an easy-to-reach gutter clean out.


Another type of attachment is a mulcher or leaf shredder. These are only suitable for leaf blower/vacuum devices as they mulch the leaves as they get sucked in through the vacuum. You can purchase a separate machine style leaf shredder that works on larger debris to create the best compost and mulch.

Top Leaf Collection and Gutter Attachments

Now that we know a bit more about the different types, let’s get into the specifics. Here are two fantastic attachments that are compatible with Dewalt blowers.

They can truly up your leaf clearing game and make yard work effortless.

Leaf Collection System

Worx Universal Leaf Collection System



First up on our list of best Dewalt leaf blower attachments products to consider is the universally adaptable Worx leaf collection system tool. With a reputation for being one of the best products on the market, it is not difficult to understand why. This tool functions as a simple leaf bagger suited to fit most cordless leaf blowers.

Fitted with an 8-inch flexible hose of industrial strength, the design allows the user to collect leaves at high capacity without ever needing to get your hands dirty. This system also saves you time as it enables users to deposit leaf matter directly into the trash.

It has a high-quality mesh hood that you can tighten over your waste can with a drawstring. This is very effective in keeping all leaf litter and debris contained.

This leaf collection system is an addition that serves all brands and waste cans of up to 96 gallons. Thanks to the high-intensity DeWalt Battery existing in their vacuum systems, the run time found in this vacuum system is that much longer. This provides users with a seamless, effortless leaf-clearing experience.

Dewalt Blower Attachments and Kits

Worx Universal Leaf Blower Gutter Attachment Kit


As far as the best blower attachments products go, the Worx gutter clearing kit, which is universally compatible, is also a pretty good tool to have handy. The kit comes with five different plastic tubes of varying heights, which save you the hassle of trying to borrow a ladder when cleaning those hard to reach gutters.

Select the tube height that will work best for you, attach it to your Dewalt machine, and reach up to clean the leaves in no time at all. Not only is this great for gutter cleaning, but you can use it for all sorts of tough-to-reach places.

Extend up to 11 feet, the tubes come in various shapes to make your life easier. For example, there’s a hooked gutter tube nozzle that can reach in those difficult places, giving you superior airflow to complete the job.

It is easy to assemble as you simply twist the parts together. There are three separate parts so you can choose how long or short to make the attachment by twisting only certain lengths together. This universal kit is perfect for most blower sizes and makes clearing gutters a breeze!

Another great aspect of this attachment kit is that it can be used on gas and electric or battery-operated leaf blowers. Simply fit it to the included adapter and get started!

Buy Attachments to Make The Job Easier

Whether you’re new to using leaf blowers or a well-practiced gardener, the benefits of adding blower accessories will get the job done fast. It can simplify gardening tasks, making them more efficient.

The task of yard clearing can be something many of us put off for weeks at a time. But, now that you found the best Dewalt leaf blower attachments for your gardening tools needs, the work becomes that much easier.

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