Best Lawn Vacuum Guide for First-Time Users and Buyers

Everyone wants a clean well manicured yard, but that can be a bit difficult to maintain as leaves continuously fall off trees and the wind blows them everywhere. However, if you had the best lawn vacuum you can easily clean up all the unwanted leaves, sticks and other debris in a matter of minutes.

As the name implies, a lawn vacuum sucks up leaves and collects them in a removable bag, which is often called a collection bag. This bag can accommodate a lot of dirt or leaves since they can be as large as 12 cubic feet. However, that can be tedious if you do not have the strength to empty out such a large bin. Some debris bags have zippers or clamps that allow it to stay open to easily clean out everything collected.

Amazingly, as technology progresses, more modern models of this kind of power equipment have been manufactured and they are now available in various types. Generally speaking, no matter what type you choose most high-powered motors and engines will come at a higher price.

Of course, the less powerful are designed for small lawns have a more reasonable price tag. Nevertheless, to ensure that you are investing in the right machine to suit your needs, it’s important to understand each of the different types.

In order to give you a more comprehensive overview, we will now give a description of the different categories of the best lawn vacuums available.

Lawn Vacuum Types and Models to Choose From


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The models are manufactured differently in terms of type, mechanism, and operation.

When we say operation, this pertains to the manner by which the user moves the machine in order for it to accomplish its job. The mechanism, on the other hand, refers to how the machine works.

In fact, it is essential to know the different kinds since it will determine whether the product requires more of your energy and time or not. When choosing between a leaf vacuums brand, it is always important to consider what will work best for your property, as well as the one that will be the most convenient.

As we will discuss throughout the article, you will also need to think of the size of your property, the type of debris you need to clean up and your physical limitations when making your choice.

Self Propelled or Walk Behind Lawn Vacuums

The self propelled lawn vacuum type requires the user to hold the handle as you walk behind it. The machine pulls you around without the need to push it. These leaf vacuum models are specially designed with gears powered by the engine to turn the wheels like a motor vehicle. You just need to guide it where you want to. This is ideal for difficult terrains like a sloping lawn as well as for individuals who have back issues.

Push Type

The push type model is the most commonly used model today. Even though an engine operates it, it only moves when you give it a push. It is able to collect leaves, twigs, branches and even some small items. Yard waste that you collect can take up a lot of space in the collection bag, so some latest models are capable of mulching them in order to create more space.

In lawns at home, you would typically just have to deal with the normal trash. However, in a public space like a park or school, there can be other trash like bottles, wrappers, or cans. Multipurpose push vacuums are powerful enough to collect this type of rubbish too. In fact, apparently, these models do not have the mulching feature, but they do have bigger bags.

Chipper Shredders

What to do if you have bigger branches and twigs to get rid of? Chipper shredders are capable of vacuuming even branches and have a special opening. They have also been equipped with sharp blades to mulch wood so that you can go about collecting a lot of it without needing to empty the collection bag repeatedly.

This type of device is particularly appropriate for large properties with lots of trees or other kinds of plants that shed difficult to suck up material.


This kind is designed for large areas and bigger items. The tow behind vacuum just like a tow behind lawn sweeper is attached to a lawnmower or tractor. As you move through the area, the vacuum collection bag holds what has been sucked up.

The hose can also be detached so that you can work with it manually in spaces where you cannot drive it. If you work on a farm, this is the best as it is powerful and collects a significant amount of debris.

3 Best Lawn Vacuums Model Reviews

In order to understand the models better, we will now provide a review of four different products in each type to give you a more informed idea.

As you will see from the review of each of the lawn vacuums below, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s therefore up to to decide which one will work best for you. This will also depend on a variety of factors such as your physical fitness and mobility. Also take into consideration the time you have available to do the job and your budget.

1. Billy Goat TKV650SPH Lawn, Litter & Leaf

Billy Goat TKV650SPH Lawn and Litter Vacuum, Self Propelled 187 cc Honda Engine with On Board 2-Inch Chipper

This Billy Goat model is one of the self propelled lawn vacuums. As described earlier in this article, self-propelled is a much easier model to use, as you only need to guide the machine. Therefore, it doesn’t require much effort or pushing to move it around.

With a 2-Inch chipper and a 187cc Honda motor, this yard vacuum has the power and the chipping tools to easily suck up yard debris like, grass, conifer needles, pine needles, leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, litter and more. With over 40 years of being in business, this brand also has a solid legacy of providing easy to use and efficient tools to assist with residential and property maintenance.

This machine is one of the best models on the market because it can be used in multiple areas. This includes everything from patios, lawns, driveways, walkways, shrubs, beds, decks, pool areas, trees, parking lots, or fence lines.

One of the main features is a mesh bag with a dust skirt, which makes sure that everything is safely held within the bag, and that dust and other materials don’t get into the engine and clog it.

For hard to reach areas, this machine also comes with an optional vacuum hose attachment, which you can use to get in between shrubs, garden beds or even under decks or utilities.

As we mentioned above, one of the main benefits of this Billy Goat model is that it has self propelled back wheels, which means that moving this device around will require minimal effort. This makes this machine perfect for those with back problems or mobility issues, or for those who need to conserve their energy for vacuuming large areas.

Billy Goat TKV650SPH Lawn and Litter Vacuum, Self Propelled 187 cc Honda Engine with On Board 2-Inch Chipper

2. Billy Goat KV600 Lawn, Litter & Leaf

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter vacuum, 190 cc Briggs, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt

Although manufactured by the same brand as the model above, this particular Billy Goat KV600 model is slightly different as it is a push-type leaf vacuum. This means that it requires a bit more work to maneuver, so it might not be appropriate for those who aren’t very fit or who have back or other mobility issues.

To give you some more details about this model, it has a 190cc motor and a large 5-blade impeller with serrated edges to maximize suction and yard waste reduction. This product has a powerful motor and the tools to process and store waste in the collection bag.

In order to make sucking up a range of garden and other items a bit easier, the Billy Goat KV600 also comes with variable height adjustments, for either hard surface or turf work i.e. the suction needs to be closer to the ground with lawn work, and the opposite when working on a harder surface.

Other features of this device include a breathable hard bottom mesh turf bag which has a 40 gallon capacity, as well as an integral dust cover, which loads from the bottom. The breathable bag allows for a slower rate of decomposition for garden refuse, as this could lead to unpleasant smells and potential staining and damage.

To make removing everything you have sucked up a lot more simple and efficient, bag zippers have also been replaced with simple to use marine style clasps. As opposed to zippers, these open and close more easily when emptying it out.

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum, 190 cc Briggs, Mesh Bag with Dust Skirt

3. Merry Mac Walk Behind Chipper

Merry Mac Walk-Behind Chipper/Vacuum - 250cc Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt Engine, Model Number VCB1100M

The two best lawn vacuum models that we have covered above are great for sucking up your average garden waste, which you can find on lawns and patios and in parking lots. However, if you have a lawn full of twigs and branches, you will need to look into getting a chipper shredder to get the job done. This is because another kind of machine might not be able to handle harder material of this sort.

The Merry Mac Walk-Behind Chipper is designed exactly for this purpose. It is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 249cc Powerbuilt OHV engine, which has 11 ft.-lbs. Gross Torque, a cast iron sleeve, and solid-state ignition. Basically, in light of these features, this is a powerful yard vacuum that can suck up twigs and other more solid waste and shred it into a manageable size so you can discard it more easily.

Other features include the fact that it is self propelled, which as we’ve already talked about, makes it a lot easier to use. This is especially the case if you’re using the machine for longer periods of time, and if you have an extensive property to clean!

In fact, to make things even more user-friendly, this chipper and leaf vacuum is also equipped with 3 forward speeds and reverse gear, which makes this model easier to maneuver. When it comes to the bag, the design is a top-loader which allows for the maximum amount to be picked up. If the bag loads from the bottom it is generally a bit more difficult to fill it completely.

What’s more, the Merry Mac has a 25in deck width so you’re also guaranteed to pick up the maximum amount of twigs and other substantial garden debris in your path.

Merry Mac Walk-Behind Chipper/Vacuum - 250cc Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt Engine, Model Number VCB1100M

4. Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac

Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac

To shift to one of the best products that works in a more industrial capacity, we will now talk about the types of machines known as tow or pull behind lawn vacuum. The 5518 is also a lawn mower. As we’ve discussed above, and as the name suggests, this device is attached to and towed behind a lawn mower or tractor. The pull behind is more appropriate for large scale applications, for example, on a farm or an extensive property.

To give a review of this type of product, we will take a look at the Agri-Fab 55188 Mow N Vac. First of all, this machine also has a solid and dependable Briggs & Stratton engine which packs a punch and is a requirement for being able to pick up a larger lawn debris.

In addition to this, the machine has 80-mph suction to pick up leaves, grass clippings, pine cones, pine needles either in the yard, driveways or walkways. In addition to being used on farms and larger properties, this feature also makes this device appropriate for those with larger yards.

If you use a model that isn’t able to turn, you can take advantage of an additional hose kit and a handheld accessory to help you suck up grass, leaves and sticks under decks, shrubs and other hard to reach areas.

This can be towed by a range of tractors models. It can fit over 40 different tractor decks which are up to 54 in wide. However, note that the tractor you use must have a right side discharge, as well as a belly mounted mower deck.

If you’re looking for even more specific features, the Agri-Fab has a 32 cu ft capacity and a 3 year Limited Consumer Warranty, which is supplied by the manufacturer.

Operation Tips

Now that you have an idea of how some work and where they are best suited to be used, there are some basic operating tips to keep in mind as well.

Tip One: How to Use the Device

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the different features listed above, don’t fret. Essentially, lawn cleaners or vacuums are not that different from the appliances you use in your home.

In fact, to put it simply, these best lawn vacuums basically look like a lawnmower that you use to go around and suck up yard waste from the garden. In addition, just like your household cleaners, they will suck up anything wherever they go.

So, if you have a standard vacuum, be careful not to accidentally suck big branches and twigs as it might destroy the unit. If you are looking for something more mobile, Some models also resemble the backpack vacuum. With this kind of model, you can wear the belt around the shoulders and move with it as you go.

However, remember that you will always need to keep in mind what you might vacuum up as not all machines can pick up heavier and bulkier debris.

Tip Two: The Ideal Time To Use It

You wouldn’t use your electrical vacuum to suck up water, would you?

Therefore, even though these are built to operate outside, it is not ideal to use any of the machines above when it is windy or raining. This is because the wind can increase your workload by moving things around, which makes it difficult to collect all the leaves and twigs.

Similarly, if it is drizzling or raining, everything would be damp and vacuuming is just not possible in these kinds of conditions. Overall, it is therefore advisable to do this work on dry days and preferably during the daytime so that you can see what you are doing!

Tip Three: Cleaning Under Bushes

One drawback with these is that they cannot properly suck leaves or debris under bushes for the simple fact that they are too big. Because of this, a detachable hose is often an additional accessory, and are an efficient feature to go for. However, you must remember that this extra part can be quite expensive. Therefore, you should ensure that it is compatible with your machine before making a purchase.


As you can see from the information and advice included in this article, all of the above lawn vacuums have helped to make it incredibly easy to clean outdoor areas of any size.

Whether you need to use one for a private or public space, these well-designed and highly efficient machines can collect all the debris and fallen leaves with ease. If you want a clean and well manicured lawn, this garden tool for you.

The best lawn vacuum models today are more sophisticated than the normal yard blower and can reduce your workload considerably. They are typically higher-powered than a leaf blower as they are not blowing leaves and debris around but rather vacuuming up leaves and sticks. They provide a more efficient lawn cleaning solution. For optimal effectiveness, be sure you purchase one that is most appropriate for the type of items typically found on your property.

As with any kind of mechanical machines like lawn vacuums, you should keep in mind that there are safety considerations to be aware of. Always be sure to use your machine with care.

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