Finding the Best Leaf Blower: Facts You Should Know Before Buying

Best Leaf Blower Things to Know Before Buying One

When it comes to lawn or walkway maintenance, finding the best leaf blower for your needs may take a little time and research. The leaf blower was first invented in the 1950s by Aldo Vandermolen. Its existence initially came out of necessity and not a need. There were droughts in California, and it was no longer feasible and acceptable to use water to do any kind of clean up tasks on properties. So, not only did leaf blowers save water, but they also ended up saving time in comparison to using a broom or rake. By 1990, leaf blower’s annual sales had risen to 800,000 in the USA alone.

A leaf blower is basically a gardening tool that has a nozzle that propels air which is strong enough to move away leaves and debris. Purchasing the right one can effectively clean a yard and patio from all cut grass and dried or wet leaves as well as blast off all the dirt and sand on the driveway.

Typically, leaf blowers are handheld units that are either self-contained, mounted like a backpack or have a handheld wand. The last one is considered to be the most ergonomic. Likewise, if you need something for prolonged use that is easy to handle, there are certain larger backpack and heavy-duty wheeled type leaf blowers that roll on wheels.

Best Types of Leaf Blowers

Although it all serves the same purpose, there are a number of different types of leaf blowers that will suit you and your property’s specific cleaning needs. Some of the main types include the corded, gasoline-powered, and battery operated. Since there are a plethora of choices of models and popular best selling brands, choosing one does get a little tricky. Hence, let us talk about each type to help you get started.

Corded Electric Leaf Blower

These leaf blowers are designed for just a single-hand use, and they will not weigh more than ten pounds. They also can start with absolute ease with the push of only one button. Although, they do tend to be noisy when in use, they do have a high level of air power. In fact, they are powerful enough to clear all the debris of a property that is as large as 100 feet. With such great features, no one would expect that this type of leaf blowers is sold at an affordable price. Today, these models are efficient and are long lasting.

The drawback though is that since it is a corded leaf blower, it does not offer a ton of mobility and the extension cord could easily get tangled as you move around your property. Safety can also be a concern because pets, kids, and people around can accidentally stumble upon the cord. You will also have to purchase a power cord too.

Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

This type is also lightweight too and have gained a ton of popularity among homeowners who do not have much time to clean their properties and also those who have a smaller size property. These cordless blowers offer excellent maneuverability and are effortless to use since it does not have any cord.

However, because it operates by battery power it has a very obvious drawback, and that is it lacks the continuous power of other electric leaf blowers. So it will work for you until the battery power runs out. Today’s battery operated models mostly use lithium batteries. These super powerful batteries last much longer and have become one of the best sellers. Typically, a fully charged cordless leaf blower will last you for about one hour to two hours depending on length of usage. Most brands include two batteries, so if you keep both charged, you can easily switch to the other battery to finish up your yard work. These are also in the mid-price range, and you might even spend more if you plan to buy an extra third battery for continuous work.

Gas-Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

The gas leaf blowers offer you a decent amount of run time and help you clean your property quite quickly. As long as it is properly maintained, all you have to do is pull the cord to start the engine. These will need to be periodically cleaned and tuned for it to work well. It works on gasoline, oil and has a smoke exhaust. Typically, this type will weigh between five and ten pounds depending on model and size If it is a four-stroke model, then it will be heavier. The lighter two stroke models require you to mix gas and oil together before usage. You’ll also need to keep buying 2 stroke oil max and keep that on hand. The drawback is that this garden tool is usually very noisy and more expensive.

Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

This is very similar to the one mentioned above and can easily get rid of all the debris on your property. A back pack leaf blower will usually weigh more than 17 pounds and can be carried on your back for convenience and is quite more expensive than the handheld type. Backpack leaf blowers are very powerful and can clean up large yards and parking lots quickly. Usually you will see contractors and landscaping companies use them. We offer offer information and reviews about these models here on this site as well.

Gas Powered Wheeled Walk Behind Leaf Blower

This kind of leaf blower is typically reserved for people who clean properties professionally or have a huge properties. These walk behinds come with a large, two and four-stroke engines and they typically weigh more than 100 pounds. Most of these heavier types are hard to push, but some brands do offer self propelled blowers now.  If you plan to seal your driveway, then this is the model you want to check out. Nonetheless, they are the most expensive among the types listed here.

Best Leaf Blower: Top Tips for Comparison Shopping

When you are planning on buying a new leaf blower, knowing the size of your property and types of leaf blowers will not be enough. That is because there are multiple types, models and new brands available.

We compare the pros, cons and review many of top selling models so when you make the purchase. you get the right blower for your particular needs.

To further help you decide, we include comparisons of the same models to show the differences and show previous buyer customer reviews. This site is designed to help you make the right purchase.

Now let’s discuss some of the main features and specifications you will want to look for.

Air Power

The power of leaf blowers is measured as airflow; that is how fast the air that is coming out from the machine is. It will either be written as cubic feet per minute (cfm) or miles per hour (mph). Before you buy any leaf blower it is important to learn what is cfm airflow is and then determine what size leaf blower you will need.


The next important thing you should check out for is the weight of the machine. This is a very important fact to consider since you’ll be carrying it around your yard. They can cause some serious muscle strain, so think about this while you are looking. If you plan on buying a cordless leaf blower, choose one that is powerful but lighter in weight.

Noise Level

It is also important to know how noisy the machine would be. Leaf blowers are generally noisy, that’s something you can’t help. Hence, when you are selecting one, it is best to see which machine has the lowest decibel (dB) level so that you are not too inconvenienced while you are cleaning your property. The noise levels can also be a problem with some neighbors as well. If you live in an association, you might want to check with the community by laws and covenants. Some will have restrictions on using power tools that create high levels of noise.

One important fact to note, the louder models usually create more vibration and will also be tiresome to use for a longer period of time. You should also use ear protection to limit any possible hearing loss as well.


Leaf blowers are a great alternative to using a rake or even water to clean up your property. As we have mentioned, leaf blowers come in multiple types, so before choosing one know what you will be using one for and how much area needs to be cleaned. This information will give you a better idea what type and size leaf blower to choose from.

We hope this guide and tips will indeed prove to be quite essential for when you are trying to select the best leaf blower for your property.

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