Black and Decker LSWV36 Lithium Sweeper Vacuum

Keeping your home clean is sometimes an irritating chore, but also a necessary one to avoid bad odors and critters. There are many tools you can use to clean your house, but the best you can do is purchase one that does the work quickly and is easy to use and maneuver. The Black and Decker LSWV36 has made it to the top of many reviews for being that tool that can make you enjoy cleaning your house while helping you maintain everything in order.

Like many Black + Decker products, the 40V Lithium-Ion Sweeper Vacuum provides the user with a comfortable tool that you can operate with no effort without feeling tired after a time using it.

We highly recommend you consider purchasing this product, but before doing that, you need to know everything about this cleaning tool.

Our goal is to help you make the best decision, so let’s dive into this page to learn everything you need to know about this sweeper-vac.

BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-Volt Lithium Cordless Sweeper and Vac (Renewed)


Black and Decker lswv36 40v lithium ion Sweeper/Vac Uses

You can use this product in many situations, but its primary objective is to work as a leaf blower and vacuum cleaner for houses and businesses. However, this item is not like average blowers or vacuum cleaners since it has functions that boost your comfort while using it and your overall productivity.

When it comes to the vacuum feature, this cleaning tool is excellent for indoor usage, cleaning anything that is on your floor, and assuring you a dust and dirt-free household.

Regarding outdoors, you can also use it to clean your yard since it works well with dry leaves, but we don’t recommend you to use this function with mulch beds because they could interfere with the sweeper’s motor.

The sweeper function makes this product a top-tier cleaning tool due to how comfortable to use it is and the efficiency it provides. Despite being a 120mph blower, this sweeper clears debris from hard surfaces like driveways and garages with no problem.

What Are the Main Features of this Sweeper-Vacuum?

As we mentioned before, this product’s perks are what make it a top-quality product that everyone should have in their homes to clean in a better, more efficient, and comfortable way. To help you understand this matter, here is a list of the main advantages this cleaning tool provides you:

Low-Noise Sweeper

Noise pollution is a common problem among this kind of product, becoming a nuisance for your neighbors and the people living in your house. The sound of sweepers, vacuums, and even trimmers can make the noise pollution levels in your area rise, which makes you suffer from stress, anxiety, mental exhaustion, and other issues that make your brain less active.

Whether it’s on vacuum or sweeper mode, this product’s low noise design allows for quiet operation time for extended periods without worrying about strong noises bothering you and disturbing your family.

Cordless Sweeper

BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-Volt Lithium Cordless Sweeper and Vac (Renewed)


We know it can be irritating to carry a cord along with you every time you want to clean your house or yard since that limits how you move and make you work uncomfortably. The best way to address that issue and have a good time cleaning your house is by acquiring a cordless cleaning tool, and the Black and Decker LSWV36 is precisely that!

This kind of product work with a lithium-ion battery charge that lasts up to two hours working at max capacity. However, you don’t need to worry about long charging time since this sweeper has a 40V max battery charger that fully charges your sweeper in just one hour. Make sure to start charging the sweeper at least an hour before you start cleaning your house.

This 40V sweeper has a long run time, but you can check how much battery you have left by looking at the charge indicator in the sweeper.


BLACK+DECKER LSWV36 40-Volt Lithium Cordless Sweeper and Vac (Renewed)


The soft-grip handle of this product has also makes it easier for you to work with it without getting tired after a short time. In addition to that, this item is highly lightweight at just 5.4 lbs, so carrying it around doesn’t represent any problem for its user. Its weight doesn’t mean that it can’t get the work done properly, though.

Whether it’s using the vacuum or the sweeper tube, with this product you can clean your house in no time even if it’s not working at maximum power.

Vacuum Tube

Most leaf blower reviews consider this function one of the bests since it gives it a versatile usage range that allows you to fix many situations without having to buy different tools for it. As we mentioned in this review, this cleaning tool easily converts to vacuum mode, allowing you to address two issues at the same time!

This 40-volt electric vacuum cleaner has a collection bag of a considerable size, so don’t worry about it getting full after a few minutes of vacuuming your house since it’s enough to clean your entire home with no problem.

However, you don’t need that much time since this vacuum has an air volume of 90 CFM, doing all the work fast and efficiently.

Effective Sweeper

Black and Decker’s products are popular for their effectiveness and productivity regarding how good they are to complete tasks in a short time. This sweeper is not the exception, providing you with a top-tier cleaning tool you can use at any time you want to clean small problems or more severe issues inside your house, or in your yard.

The sweeper’s blow tube has built in scraper allows users to loosen matted leaves and stuck-on debris, so despite being a 120 mph sweeper, you can go all in to finish the job or be the type of person that controls speed for maximum runtime improvement.

The way the scraper allows users to modify the sweeper’s power makes this handheld cleaning tool an ideal one if you are not used to doing this kind of chores and want to learn the proper way of doing them.

Bottom Line

We need to agree with other reviews and say that this sweeper is a must-have for every customer that needs to clean their house with a comfortable cleaning tool that is easy to use.

Whether you want to set the vacuum bag to clean your indoors or use the max energy of the blower tube, this sweeper is an excellent fit for you, so don’t hesitate to buy it and start having a cleaner and more organized household. This Black and Decker LSWV36 sweeper vacuum has a two-year warranty, so you can return it in case anything happens. Check it out today and get free shipping while supplies last.

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