Dewalt DCE100B 20v Compact Leaf Blower Review

Struggling to find the perfect jobsite blower for home or domestic use? The Dewalt DCE100b compact leaf blower is an awesome product, perfect for small spaces and quick jobs in your home garage or small yard. There is no need to worry about lugging around heavy machinery either as it is compact, lightweight and powered by a rechargeable battery!

If you are looking for a handheld battery-powered blower that will get the job done right, then this Dewalt mini blower is a great option. It makes cleaning your small garden, garage or workshop an easy task that can be completed in minutes, without unnecessary strain or effort.

Overall, the unit packs many standout features into a super convenient body. Read on to find out all there is to know about one of the top rated leaf blowers that is made in USA.

Dewalt DCE100B 20v Compact Leaf Blower Review

Dewalt has managed to create a product that combines ease of use with serious functionality. This blower packs some great power, even though it is packaged into a lightweight handheld machine. It is a smart choice for the home user, as it can be used to clear your workbench, small yard, driveway, porch, or workshop.

To give you a general overview, the Dewalt DCE100B has a maximum airflow of 100CFM, combined with an airspeed of 135 mph. There is also a 3-speed variable switch that allows you to quickly change between the different settings.

The unit has a trigger lock – something that certainly makes your job a lot easier when working over a longer time frame. It is a feature that reduces fatigue, something which is helped even more by the fact that the blower is compact enough to carry around and use easily.

This is a smart, jobsite cordless leaf blower that packs a real punch. Any homeowner would be happy to add this unit to their toolkit.

Dewalt DCE100B Cordless Leaf Blower Features

DEWALT 20V MAX Blower for Jobsite, Compact, Tool Only (DCE100B)


This may be a fairly straightforward device, however, there are loads of smart features packed into this clever design. Here are some of the awesome elements that make up the Dewalt DCE100B 20v Max Compact leaf blower.

Air Flow and Air Speed

The first thing to take into consideration is how much power is behind your blower. While this particular product isn’t the most powerful model on the market, it does a great job for its relative size and weight.

Let’s start with the airflow. Airflow refers to how great the volume of air is that gets pushed out of your blower. This is measured in cubic feet per minute – better known as CFM. Measuring the airflow is probably the most vital element in finding the right blower, mainly because poor airflow won’t move debris around.

This model has a maximum airflow of 100CFM, making it better suited to smaller spaces and lighter debris.

Next, we will discuss the airspeed. This refers to how fast the air gets pushed out of your blower. Generally speaking, the higher the airspeed the better! To give you an idea of why this is the case, consider what a strong wind can do versus a light breeze. Higher airspeeds allow you to move heavier objects, and to get the job done faster.

This Dewalt model has a maximum airspeed of 135 mph, which is lower than an industrial-strength blower, but perfect for blowing around dirt, sawdust, and small leaves. Overall, it works better indoors and is more suitable for shops or a workbench. Higher airspeeds are not always needed inside as the airflow can knock things over accidentally, such as your tools.

Cordless Battery Powered

When buying a blower, you will need to consider the different power options. This particular model is a handheld, cordless, battery-powered version. Note that the battery pack is sold separately listed below, and can work with the wide range of Dewalt’s power tools.

As with all types of blowers, be it jobsite or for the garden, this style has its pros and cons. Battery-powered leaf blowers are generally not powerful enough for commercial use. However, they are lightweight, easy to use, and suited for a smaller home environment.

The Dewalt DCE100B runs off one 20-volt, lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Battery-powered blowers are a  more sustainable option when compared to their gas counterparts – they don’t produce emissions and you simply recharge them without having to buy and refill with gas. They also have a pretty good lifespan, allowing you to get the job done when you need to.

Lastly, because it runs on battery, the unit is quiet to operate; something which your neighbors will love you for. Maintenance and upkeep also become far more simplified as you don’t have to service it or replace oil filters.


Possibly the main feature to this unit is its handy size. The exact dimensions of this special Dewalt mini blower are 12.6 x 5.7 x 7.8 inches. That’s a really impressive size for ultimate convenience. You can easily carry this blower around, and use it with only one arm if you need to.

Beyond being conveniently sized, it is super easy to pack away! The whole unit can actually be taken apart, allowing you to fit it into a convenient storage bag. It is a pleasure to store, and it can fit just about anywhere in your workshop, garage, or home.


As one would expect from such a small unit, it is very lightweight. In fact, the DCE100B only weighs a total of 3.6lbs once the battery is attached! Compared to other battery blowers, this is one of the lighter products out there.

Because of its lightweight design, you can carry it around with ease, making it suitable for long jobs. It also allows you to reach into difficult areas because it is so easy to lift. This is a blower that anyone can use as it offers maximum results with minimum fatigue.

Variable Speed Switch

Convenience is an important word when it comes to this leaf and jobsite blower – something that is assisted greatly by the variable speed switch. This switch is located on the handle, and it allows you to easily change between the different settings.

Use the lowest setting for easily clearing up your workbench, or take it to the max for getting rid of debris in the garden. This switch adds control and versatility – allowing your blower unit to handle different situations.


Another smart feature of this blower is the trigger lock. What this does is locks the button in on the ‘on’ position so that you don’t have to continually hold it in. While this may sound like a tiny detail, it really does make a huge difference. It helps to relieve fatigue while operating the blower and allows you to focus on the job at hand.

Clears Debris Anywhere

The great thing about having such a compact unit is that it can reach pretty much everywhere. Instead of being held back by a heavy, bulky blower, this unit can be put to use in space-restricted areas. Whether you need to clear your workbench, driveway, or deck, this Dewalt 20v blower will have you covered.

You can also add some useful attachments, allowing you to clear gutters and other hard to reach places.


The blower tool itself comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, while the Dewalt battery has an impressive 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. So really you are covered should something go wrong in the first years after your purchase.

What We Like

  • An extremely compact leaf blower that is lightweight 
  • Suited to use in workshops, garages, patios, or small yards
  • Features a trigger lock and variable speed switch
  • Battery power makes it ideal for home use
  • Easy to pack away and reassemble
  • A quality tool that is built to last

Minor Drawbacks

  • It isn’t the most powerful leaf blower on the market
  • Not the ideal product for clearing large outdoor spaces or heavy debris
DEWALT 20V MAX Blower for Jobsite, Compact, Tool Only (DCE100B)

Alternative On The Market

Powersmith 20V Battery Powered Cordless Brushless Motor Leaf Blower

POWERSMITH 20V Lithium Ion Battery Powered Cordless Brushless Motor Leaf Blower

If you want an alternative to the Dewalt DCE100B that will perform better in the garden, then check out this model by Powersmith. The PBL120J is similar to the Dewalt in that it is so easy to manage. Although not as lightweight at 7.3lbs, it is compact.

Offering a slightly bigger and more heavy-duty feel than the Dewalt, this leaf blower is also a cordless battery powered model – allowing it to be carried around easily. This model also has a bit more power behind it in terms of airflow. It produces a maximum of 310CFM, making it more suitable for heavier debris. However, the airspeed only delivers 85mph, which is slightly lower than the Dewalt.

This leaf blower is close to the Dewalt DCE100B in terms of its price and size. It has 2 different speed settings and a slightly thicker tube. If you are looking for a cordless battery powered leaf blower, then this model might be more suitable for slightly larger yards and driveways.

Unfortunately, the Powersmith model does not pack away as efficiently as the Dewalt either.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a jobsite blower that offers the ultimate portability and convenience in size, then the Dewalt DCE100B 20v battery blower would be a wise choice! This excellent little unit is perfect for small jobs and everyday use. If you want to neaten up areas or clear your workspace, then this is the tool to do it.

You don’t get commercial power and clearing heavy debris could be a challenge. However, it is a quality tool that is well-designed for its purpose. Anybody looking for a compact leaf blower that is easy to operate and store away would be happy to use this Dewalt mini blower!

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