Do Leaf Blowers Work on Wet Leaves?

Do Leaf Blowers Work on Wet Leaves

Cleaning your yard or lawn is a difficult job, especially during the fall. This job can be made much easier with the use of our leaf blowers reviews. Utilizing a more powerful machine reduces your effort and time to get rid of debris and wet leaves from your property.

What do leaf blowers do? Leaf blowers are very useful in removing fallen leaves, small twigs, and shredded grass. Using one is far easier than the strain of using traditional hand rakes. Most of the machines come with a blower and vacuum modes which make it suitable for removing grass clippings, dirt, and large masses of leaves.

You can use a leaf blower to move and direct wet leaves onto a collecting sheet or tarp. There are blowers with power settings to control the force with which you will be able to control the movement of leaves and grass clippings. You can use the blower on your walkways and driveways to clean the area.  

Do Leaf Blowers Work on Wet Leaves?

One of the major doubts of the users is whether a leaf blower is powerful enough to remove wet leaves.

Here is the best way. Direct your blowers jet of air towards the bottom of the pile of wet leaves so the leaves get lifted from the ground. Once moved into a pile they can be then easily collected. Make sure that you select leaf blowers with the strong air stream so that it will be able to lift and blow the debris away.

You can find corded, cordless and gas powered blowers with variable speeds control to remove dry as well as wet leaves.  You can gather large masses of wet leaves into easily manageable piles with the help of the right type of leaf blowers.

Types of leaf blowers

There are different types of blowers to meet the needs of different types of yards. There are handheld models, backpack models and walk-behind models to consider.

You need to consider the power of the engine on the leaf blower you are selecting and if need be how to fix a leaf blower that won’t start should the motor stop running. Annual maintenance is a key factor as a well as expensive repairs that might need to be made to the machine.

There are models which come with a two stroke engine and four-stroke engines. You will need powerful engines if you have larger areas to clean up or if you want to remove more of wet and heavy leaves.

Selecting the leaf blower

You should look for the required features when you are selecting the leaf blower for your premise cleaning.

  • It is necessary to select the machines with a narrow nozzle to direct the leaves and grass clippings in the required direction. It is necessary to
  • Select the machine with metal or durable mulching blades so that they don’t get damaged when removing dirt and small twigs
  • You need to use leaf blower vacuums with a waterproof collection bag if you want to use it for removing wet leaves. You also need to consider the sound produced by the blower
  • Use the blowers with right nozzle attachments which help to reduce the noise levels
  • If you want to reduce the strain on your arms while operating the blower, you can opt for backpack models

You can opt for blowers with reduced sound and affordable prices from our easy to understand advice articles.

How to use leaf blowers safely?

If you want to use your leaf blower in a safe way and to provide a longer life for your machine, use it on dry days. It is better to avoid windy days unless the wind is blowing in the direction where you want to collect the leaves.

If you are clearing large areas, divide the area into sections so that blowing them to the destination will be easier and less damaging to your equipment. You need to use appropriate eye and ear protection when cleaning your yard using a blower.

The blowing dry and wet leaves, debris and sticks can get into your eyes and ears. Always use safety equipment to protect yourself from personal injury. Exposing your ears continuously to the loud noise of the blower can affect your hearing. You should avoid using the blower to remove large quantities of dust. Make sure that you follow the rules in your area about using the leaf blower.

Always make sure that you do not leave the running machine unattended as that can accidentally blow debris and cause damage. Reading the instruction manual for the best advice before you begin to use it will help to improve the efficiency.

When you choose the best leaf blower brand always confirm the type and model is powerful enough to blow wet leaves around effectively. Doing so will help make leaf removal in your yard easier.

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