Echo PB 250LN Handheld Leaf Blower with Power Boost Review

When there is yard work to be done, you need a lightweight, no-fuss option. With so many feature-filled products on the market, it’s overwhelming trying to choose a leaf blower that will simply get the job done. That’s why more and more people are choosing this Echo pb 250ln blower.

Echo Handheld Blower with Power Boost Vortex PB-250LN Review

This superior Echo model has a grab-and-go design is convenient for quick cleanups. This isn’t surprising since the Echo brand prides itself on a product line that is powerful, productive and quiet.

Before choosing which model is right for you, it’s important to consider which features are actually useful. For example, considering the size of your yard and the number of trees on your property will help you decide. If you’ve got lots of trees in your yard, you’ll want to consider a model that offers a lot of leaf blowing power.

It’s also important to consider what model is your best option. Many people choose corded electric leaf blowers because they are inexpensive, while others prefer cordless models. The problem with cordless leaf blowers is the battery life.

For those who have larger yards, it can be a pain to get the job done in time. Gas-powered models like the Echo pb 250ln are often the best choice in that case, because they offer the freedom of being cordless. They also don’t require a lengthy battery charge either.  

Echo pb 250ln Leaf Blower Specs

The Echo Handheld Blower with Power Boost is a gas hand held model worth considering. Take a look at these built-in features:

  • Lightweight for easy handling, and offers rotational control to reduce Gyro effect.
  • Contains a 25.4cc power boost vortex gas engine, with 391 CFM air volume. You can achieve air speeds of 164 mph.
  • Emits little noise with a low decibel rating of 65dB.
  • Variable speed options to adjust to each project at hand.


  • It emits very little noise, which is perfect for people who live in busy neighborhoods. It’s also great for those who have sensitive hearing.
  • Offers enough power to move heavy wet leaves, twigs and debris.
  • Combined trigger and set control allows you to maintain a constant speed and easily access the trigger when you need additional power.
  • Powered by a gas motor so you are able to walk freely around your property, without being chased by a long extension cord.


  • It is difficult to start and quite sluggish when warming up.


One of the main reasons people opt for this model is its low noise emission. If you live in a busy area or have young kids napping during prime “yard duty” hours, then this is a great option.

Some users have even reported that they do not need ear protection, but we feel you should always wear hearing protection. That alone makes this lower noise producing model stand out.

This model has been engineered with a rotational control feature. This is to help reduce the Gyro effect that is a common problem with a handheld gas blower.

Thanks to this innovation, the Echo pb 250ln handheld leaf blower is much easier to operate. The model requires significantly less effort, and produces less stress on the operator’s arm.

Unfortunately, there have been a number of reported problems with the starting mechanism. Although Echo says it’s an “easy start” system, many users have found it takes a number of tries to get the leaf blower started.


You can compare the Echo Handheld Blower to the Hitachi RB24EAP leaf blower. This Hitachi also offers a gas-powered engine and an impressive amount of power.

Unlike the Echo handheld Blower, however, the Hitachi model is quite noisy. Many consumers have complained about its noise volume, and often require hearing protection to use it. If noise is a concern for you, the Echo model is definitely a better option.

As far as weight is concerned, the Hitachi is a couple of pounds lighter. This makes it easy to handle. However, with the Echo Blower’s rotational control, it’s unlikely you’ll experience much of a handling difference despite the change in weight.

Both models provide a sufficient amount of power to move debris and leaves with no problem.


The low noise emission is a big win for the Echo PB 250ln blower. This alone is a great reason for us to recommend this as a best leaf blower.

Many other handheld models, especially gas-powered models, have a lot of complaints regarding the volume.

However, Echo has done a great job to minimize the noise so you won’t drive your neighbors crazy. You also won’t have to worry about having a pair of ear protection muffs on hand.

What is also important to note about the Echo blower is that it provides convenient functions that allow you to quickly complete your yard work. The combined set and trigger control are incredibly useful for accessing additional power when you need it.  

Imagine cleaning up a pile of leaves, and reaching the wet layer of debris at the bottom. With the flick of your finger, you can adjust the power to get the entire job finished.

It’s difficult to completely overlook the starting trouble that’s been experienced by many users. To be fair, this is a common problem with gas-powered models.

They aren’t quite as easy as models with an electric or battery-powered start. This is often the trade-off for getting a great value leaf blower without having to deal with the frustration of an extension cord.

Overall, we do recommend Echo pb 250ln Handheld Leaf Blower with Power Boost for its low noise emission and ease of use. Even if you have a smaller frame, you should have very little trouble operating this handheld leaf blower. At 11 lbs, it’s quite easy to maneuver. Plus, it’s simple to put together out of the box, so you’ll be ready to start cleaning your yard in no time. Take a look at this Echo leaf Blower now.

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