Comparison of Different Types of Leaf Blowers: Electric vs Gas-Powered

Leaf Blowers Electric vs Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

There are 5 different types of leaf blowers that can be purchased from today’s market. The new models and brands have advanced even more this year. These changes allow you to find a blower that will have all the latest technology and is built to perform for many years to come. Choosing between an electric leaf blower or a gas leaf blower depends on what you’re going to use the leaf blower for. The cost factor is quite different between each type so you will need to consider the budget you have to work with.

Here are The Different Types of Leaf Blowers:

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

This corded-electric blowers are ideal for all those home-owners who are looking to make this purchase without straining their bank balances. Apart from the fact that this type comes at a modest price tag, it is also one of the lightest types of leaf-blowers for the user’s’ convenience. Most of them are designed for one-handed operation which makes them quite easy to maneuver.

However, when they come with a power cord so you will be limited to a certain area while operating this blower. Furthermore, a wide range of corded electric blowers come with average to moderate air power which makes them suitable for smaller sized properties.

Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers

As evident from their name, the cordless electric blowers are free from the hassle which one could associate with the corded electric leaf blowers. Incorporating different types of rechargeable ion batteries, you can take them anywhere you want and without any restriction.

Having said that, a cordless leaf blower comes at a greater price as compared to their corded counterparts. In addition, most of the rechargeable batteries tends to run dry within 1 hour so depending on usage. Keep this in mind while considering this type and the size of your property.

Gas-Powered Handheld Leaf Blowers

Incorporating a greater air power as compared to the electric leaf blowers, gas-powered handheld leaf blowers are extremely easy to store, setup and use. Gas leaf blowers are basically designed for urban and suburban lots and for making sure that the users can easily maneuver them, a wide range of these blowers weigh around 10 lbs.

One thing which seems to be an issue with the gas powered handheld leaf blowers is the fact that they require proper maintenance. They also produce a great degree of noise, while working but the noise levels are certainly within the applicable limits. In addition, for starting their engines, you’ll have to pull a cord every single time before using this type.

Gas-Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

The Gas powered leaf blowers with the addition of a backpack generally weigh twice as much as their handheld counterparts. With a backpack leaf blower, the weight is distributed over your shoulders and upper body much like a normal backpack does. In addition, backpack blowers are much more powerful and provide high volume air flow to easily remove leaves and debris from larger lawns and driveways.

When it comes to purchasing any backpack leaf blowers, these are more expensive as compared to the handheld models. Many landscaping companies use these as well as homeowners that have large properties.

Gas-Powered Wheeled Leaf Blowers

If you want to clean a spacious lot which is way too big for either handheld or even the back pack leaf blowers, you might want to consider Gas-powered wheeled walk behind leaf blowers. These models are super powerful and offer a choice of 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors. Today a majority of these brands come with 4-stroke engines, they have the ability to clean ultra-big lots in a very short span of time. Additionally, there’s no need to mix fuel and oil, which is a requirement for the 2-stroke engines.

But on the other hand, it can be very hard to push a walk behind leaf blower, weighing about 100 lbs. The newer models do offer self propelled options. Moreover, any such power equipment of this size requires a considerable space for storage as compared to all the other models. The Gas-Powered wheeled leaf blowers are the most expensive of any type.


When it comes to purchasing a leaf blower, it ultimately comes down to your own personal preference.  Whether you choose corded, cordless or gas there are many great choices of brands and models to choose from today. The type you choose depends on what you plan to use one for.

Electric blowers will restrict you to a certain area, while gas powered or battery operated will allow you to move freely wherever you need to use one. Even though gas does provide more air flow and performance, the electric version can still get the job completed.

Keep in mind that the electric type is less expensive than the gas models.  One last note, gas leaf blowers are quite loud.  Some communities and towns have banned the use of gas powered leaf blowers due to their excessive noise. Please check local authorities to make sure that no such noise restriction applies in your area.

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Which type of Leaf Blower do you choose – Gas or Electric ?

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