Gas vs Electric Leaf Blower: Which One Do You Choose?

gas vs electric leaf blower

This article was created to breakdown the difference between gas vs electric leaf blower options. Choosing the best type can help cleanup dried and wet leaves easily and can make your yard look great and debris free in no time at all.

Lets describe how they are powered so you can decide which one will work for your particular needs.

Gas vs Electric Leaf Blower – Which Type is The Best?

Now that you might be in the market looking for advice and ready to buy, you should know that each type has its own uses.

Each was designed to tackle different jobs and kinds of cleaning. Here are the two popular blowers: gas vs electric and an explanation about them.

Gas Leaf Blower Uses

There are many leaf blower uses, but if you have large spaces like garages, patios, a huge garden, yards or large driveways, then you should invest in a gas leaf blower. It makes use of gasoline to power the engine that turns a fan that propels the air out of the blower tube.

These machines come as a handheld as well as a backpack style leaf blower. Both have a very powerful gas motor and the speed of the air flow that comes out of the blower nozzle can be up to 150 mph or more!

A gas blower is a bit expensive and cost from $60 to $500 so that alone might help you choose between a gas vs electric. The gas motors will produce smoke and these will be much louder than the electric type.

Gas are ideal to use in areas where you need to clear heavy debris like leaves and debris. They are powered by either two-stroke or four-stroke engines.

Gas Leaf Blowers – Factors to consider when buying one

  • Ease of use

A main issue when you consider a gas vs electric leaf blower is mobility. If you are looking to use one in a smaller area where mobility is not an issue, then cordless or corded leaf blowers is a good option.

If you have a larger yard or garden area to clean, then gas leaf blowers are best. They can do the job faster but keep in mind they are heavier to carry around.

Another issue with a gas blower is that you’ll need to purchase gas regularly and need engine oil from time to time.

  • Mobility

The gas leaf blowers are heavier and hence will not be easy to handle and move around. You should choose one depending on the size of your yard and the number of trees you have.

  • Impact on the environment

The power and the ability to complete the job faster is what people consider when they go for gas leaf blowers.

These factors can outweigh the green benefits that the electric leaf blower offers.

You need to look into the cost of fueling and the maintenance costs involved with the gas blowers. This will help you in making a better choice when to come to gas vs electric.

  • Cost

In comparison of these two types and answering the question; gas vs electric leaf blower, the electric type are less expensive then gas. But, the speed functions of the electric can be limited.

Electric leaf blowers

  • An electric leaf blower is a handheld device built with an electric motor and fan that spins to produce air out through a blower tube to clear leaves and debris in your garden or yard.
  • Motor requires electricity to operate.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, transport and produces less noise.
  • Electric machines do not create any emissions or cause pollution.

Since electric blowers are powered by electricity, you need to purchase extension cords and these can sometimes limit your area of use.

  • Less Cost

The electric leaf blowers are cheaper and costs between $35 and $150 depending on the brand. There are different versions of the electric leaf blower; corded, cordless and handheld. The latest models can work as a leaf blower, vacuum and even shred leaves.


The type you choose depends on your needs. Gas leaf blowers are much more expensive, offer more cord free mobility, but do require more maintenance. The Electric type are more affordable but they are powered by electricity.

Generally, for a smaller yard or garden with few trees, the electric is the best and for bigger yards with many trees, a gas leaf blower might be the better option.

So, when it comes to choosing between a gas vs electric leaf blower, you’ll want to make sure the leaf blower is matched to the size of your yard and what you plan to use one for.

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