How to Choose the Best Brands of Leaf Blowers?

How to Choose the Best Brands of Leaf Blowers

Are you living in a place where there are many deciduous trees around your garden? Do you have trees in your garden area and are the dry leaves that fall on your garden becoming a nuisance for you? If you have trees in or around your garden, then you are surely going to have the problem of dead and dry leaves falling in your garden. The best way to remove all these dead leaves easily is to buy top leaf blowers from a well know brand for your home.

You cannot tell the trees to stop shedding their leaves or get solace from the fact that if you cut the branches off the trees, then it will not shed its leaves anymore.

The leaves are sure to fall in your garden and there is nothing as useful as the leaf blower or the garden best leaf vacuum for wet leaves to remove them from your garden. These blowers are handy all year round.

Type of leaf blowers

If you are in the market looking for a leaf blower, then you will find that there is a wide range of blowers on offer, each having different working conditions, features, and functions. Ever wonder how a leaf blower operates? The most common type of leaf blowers are the corded electrical, gas-powered and the battery-powered ones.

The leaf blowers are also offered in a wide range of styles from handheld to wheeled and backpack models. Each one of these types of leaf blowers serves a different purpose and you need to choose one depending on your needs, budget, the features wanted and the requirements.

Which is better: gas or electric?

The speed of the machine, the convenience of use, it offers, the budget and the features are the most important considerations that you should be looking for when you are buying a leaf blower.

The most popular leaf blower types are the gas powered and the electric ones. The corded electric leaf blowers are powerful enough to do big jobs. The only problem is the length of the cord and there are machines that offer to work even if they are at 100 feet away from the power socket.

Tangling of the cord could also be an issue when using the electric leaf blowers. What is a good cfm for a leaf blower? The gas powered blowers are very powerful and can clear off the leaves in your garden in a jiffy.

There are many differences between the gas powered and the electric models. Leaf blower not starting? The gas handheld leaf blowers can be taken with you anywhere as they do not need to be connected to electric power to run. But, they are pretty heavy, costly and noisy when compared to the electric ones.

You need to provide fuel regularly and also maintain the machine in order to ensure a long life. The cordless leaf blowers offer very less power when compared to gas models and they run on batteries. They have very limited run time and are ideal for homes that have a small sized garden.

Backpack gas blowers

One of the options to use is the backpack gas blowers. They are costlier than the handheld gas blowers, but offer more power and the weight of the machine is transferred to your back and shoulders and gives weight relief for your arms and hands. How to use a leaf blower ? Read on.

The backpack gas blowers can weigh up to 25 pounds, whereas the handheld machines weigh only 10 pounds. There is a compromise on the power of the machine when it comes to handheld gas blowers.

Wheeled gas blowers

If you have a huge garden area and lots of leaves and other debris are found all over your garden, then you should invest in a wheeled blower. They are very powerful machines that give you the convenience of moving it easily as they are on wheels. You have your gas blower repair? How to store leaf blower in garage? These machines do need a lot of storage space and are also expensive.

Why choose gas leaf blowers?

  • The gas powered blowers do not need any power to run the machine and hence there is no issue with tangled cords and wire damage
  • They offer more sweeping and loosening power
  • There are no mobility restrictions and the motor is more powerful than the corded ones
  • They can be carried everywhere
  • The latest models now meet the noise limits
  • There is no need to pull a cord to start the engine of the latest models of the leaf blower
  • They are also offered as a backpack and wheeled models to cover the larger garden area

The gas powered blowers are the best choice as far as leaf blowers for a medium sized or large garden is concerned.


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