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Leaf scoops review

There’s no denying that a stocked garden shed is a dream come true for any avid gardener. Ultimately, a mix of electric and manual garden tools like leaf scoops should be on your ideal inventory list to make life easier.

Naturally, you want a scoop that is both affordable and convenient to use. More specifically you want a quality product that makes gardening and picking up leaves an easy task.

Here we have two products, namely the ReLeaf and iRunning Garden Leaf Scoops, which do just that in this review. Additionally, we highlight some of the important features to consider before buying, as well as provide tips that will make gardening a whole lot easier.

2 Best Large Leaf Scoop Models on Amazon

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What Are Leaf Scoops Used For

To put it succinctly, leaf scoops are ergonomic hand rakes ideal for picking up large piles of leaves. That is to say, they are a more evolved form of the traditional leaf rake.

As the name suggests, their primary function is best used as leaf grabbers but are also ideal for picking up other yard waste. They can be used to clear and gather grass clippings, sticks, pine needles and other lawn debris. You will find them especially handy when you need to do a final sweep after you have used a Worx leaf collection system in your garden or yard.

Better than a Rake

Considering leaf rakes are not typically designed for gathering debris heavier than leaves, nor were they designed to lift materials, they tend to be somewhat small with tines on the delicate side. This created the need for sturdier garden tools capable of a bit more heavy lifting.

Cue the leaf scoop. As large garden and yard scoops, these tools are capable of, firstly, the sweeping and gathering of large piles of debris heavier than leaves. And secondly, the easy lifting of such materials. These sturdy products come in the following basic designs:

  • Single-headed, as the name suggests, have a single head. The head folds on itself to collect leaves.
  • Double-headed that either have two heads attached to one long handle or are two scoops attached with a moving joint, like tongs. In this case, the heads can be closed against each other to collect leaves.

Why Should You Use Leaf Scoops In Your Yard Or Garden

As mentioned, leaf scoops are something of an update to traditional leaf rakes. Where rakes performed the sole function of sweeping garden debris, these products have the added function of helping you lift the material into a bag or bin.

So, basically, if you want a more efficient rake, you get both a leaf rake and scoop for the price of one in this product.

Among other things which you need to consider when buying tools for your yard or garden, is whether or not a tool will last you for the long term.

Built to Last

The advantage of using a leaves scoop is that they are made of heavy-duty high-impact plastic. This material ensures the durability of the product and means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your essential gardening tools frequently.

Naturally, your tools need to benefit your garden too! These are gentle on the ground as you sweep and gather leaves and other debris. Therefore, if you’re sweeping over the lawn, you can rest assured that these products will cause minimal if any damage at all.

Finally, these handy leaf hands or scoops don’t only need to be good for your yard, they also need to be good for you! The standard head size of the ReLeaf and iRunning brands combined with the light plastic they are made from, ensure that they are perfect to use with filling garden waste bags.

In this way, you won’t need to overly exert yourself with heavy equipment.

1. ReLeaf Scoop


GARDEASE ReLeaf Leaf Scoops: Ergonomic, Large Hand Held Rakes for Fast Leaf & Lawn Grass Removal



When you use this product, you won’t have to worry about whether it has rained or not.  This is because it works efficiently in both wet and dry conditions. Here are some of its main features worth mentioning:

Perfect size for efficient, multi-purpose use

The heads, or rather, the claws of the ReLeaf garden tool, are wide and it sports dimensions of 15 x 15 x 2.9 inches. As a result, when sweeping or gathering garden debris, the claw maintains a wide reach, thus helping you to get the job done very quickly.

As an added benefit, the wide span also allows you to scoop up a large amount of debris in one go, making it a handy time-saver.

Another great thing about the size of this tool is that although large enough to accommodate your needs, it is still small enough to fit into most conventional bags and bins. In a lot of ways, one size fits all purposes.

When it comes to the design of the product, unlike the tines of rakes which limit functionality, the claws can also collect pet litter, pick fruit and safely feed a leaf shredder. Beyond that, these easy to use garden leaf scoops are a perfect tool for recycling yard waste and composting duties. You can use the claws to carry and spreading mulch and compost.

Closed claw shape

After gathering the leaves in a pile, you can easily scoop them and clamp the claws shut. The design is so efficient that you won’t experience any spills, not even the falling of the smallest twigs. In this way, you are saved the trouble of having to repeatedly clean the same area or scoop the same leaves over and over again.

Designed for your protection

Because of their size and closed design, and given the material of construction, it would be imprudent not to list the protective quality of the product.

The claws act as a barrier between your hands and the leaves grass and debris you are tidying. Not only do they give you protection from sharp and stinging weeds, twigs, nettles, rosebushes, etc but they also act as a barrier between you and any surrounding dirt. To be safe, you’ll always want to wear the best safety glasses while working with these.

Robust and easy to use

The Releaf product has no moving parts, thus making the claws that much easier to assemble and use.

Furthermore, the lack of complicated moving parts also results in fewer risks of breakage and a lessened need for part replacement.

2. iRunning Leaf Scoop


iRunning 1 Large Garden and Courtyard, Grabber, ergonomics, Grass clippings and l, Green



The iRunning Leaf Scoop is slightly smaller than ReLeaf’s product. In comparison, this one sports dimensions of 14.9 x 14.9 x 2.8 inches. Consequently, and as both designs are manufactured from heavy-duty plastic, the iRunning model is lighter.

That being said, its efficiency is by no means limited by its size. Read on further for some of the main features you find on this product.

Great size for efficient raking and debris removal

Because it is a lighter model, it means that the claws demand even less physical effort from you.

Additionally, the span of the grabbers isn’t much smaller than the ReLeaf, which means you still get the same benefits. That is to say, the reach of the claws isn’t greatly reduced and given that the claws are lighter, you’ll still get to work quickly and efficiently.

Closed claw design

As with the ReLeaf, the iRunning claws have a closed design that ensures minimal, if any spillage at all.

Simple and durable product

The design of the leaf claws is hand-grip style, making them easy to assemble, use, maintain, and store.

You will find the ergonomic hand grip design to be very comfortable for your hands and arms too; partly owing to the lightweight nature of the claws. This nullifies the disadvantage of the smaller span because, with the lighter tool, you will find it easier to collect and dispose of heavier debris materials.

In addition, the heavy-duty plastic used in manufacturing of these products ensures a long life.

Designed for your protection

iRunning scoops are somewhat akin to long handle leaf scoops in that they are meant to keep you from bending too much. This will save your back a lot of unnecessary strain and make working in the garden a whole lot more enjoyable

The protection doesn’t end there either. The material of construction and basic function of the claws will also protect you from sharp and stinging debris. In a nutshell, these handy leaf picker upper models help you complete your work without getting your hands dirty or risking cuts and stings.

Best leaf picker upper products summary

With the main features outlined, here are the main things we like about the ReLeaf and iRunning leaf scoops and why they will be your favorite gardening tools:


  • They are designed to pick up piles of leaves grass clippings and debris.
  • Will protect your hands and save you time while doing yard work.
  • The gentle plastic material causes no damage to your lawn and the ground.
  • Products are durable and easy to use.
  • They can be used for multiple cleanup purposes.
  • No mechanical parts, meaning they are easy to store with little-to-no maintenance.

Minor drawbacks

  • Although these leaf picker upper products are designed to be a second pair of hands, you still need to do a degree of bending over.

Most of us like a clean yard and garden, but unfortunately not all of us have the time and patience to do the tidying up. Luckily the convenience and improved enjoyment offered by ReLeaf and iRunning garden leaf scoops take some of the chore factors out of maintaining those piles of leaves.

These two brands typically get 5 stars from customer reviews as well. With their lightweight sturdy design and promise of protection against all things prickly, you have nothing to lose from investing in these efficient leaf picker upper products.

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