Leaf Blower Gutter Attachment Kits For Top Brand Blowers

Leaf blower gutter attachment kits for top blower brands

Best Gutter Cleaning Tools From the Ground

Your leaf blower is an incredible tool that can be utilized in all kinds of ways. Instead of just blowing leaves off your patio, your device can help you to clean debris from hard to reach places.

Keeping your gutters clean is no easy task. However, with the right gutter attachment kit, this job can become a breeze! Here is our comparison to help you find the best leaf blower gutter attachment cleaning tools to make your life a whole lot easier.

What These Cleaning Attachments Do

  • Safely clean your gutters while standing on the ground
  • Simply attach the pieces to your leaf blower to reach difficult spaces
  • The gutter attachment kit can be set up to different heights
  • You can find a gutter cleaning blower attachment to suit basically every model of leaf blowers

Reviews of Leaf Blower Gutter Attachment Kits


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WORX WA4092 Universal Kit Blowers Gutter Cleaning Kit

WORX WA4092 Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit for Leaf Blowers


This handy gutter cleaning kit is from a trusted brand like WORX that can be utilized by basically everyone. One of the best features of this kit is that it comes with a universal adaptor that is suitable to fit all major brands. Not only that, but this attachment can be used on gas and electric blowers and vacs.

Above all a simple product, offering users superior convenience when it comes to setting up your kit and cleaning your gutters. The leaf blower gutter attachment is made up of five different plastic tubes which are easily assembled. This allows you to adjust the kit to whatever height is required.

Super Long 11 foot Extension

Worx’s product works great, providing premium airflow for efficient cleaning. With this kit, there is no need for a ladder, as you will be able to extend your reach up to 11 feet. Although this is tall, the convenient hook tube on the end is well designed to comfortably clear out tall gutters.

Between its universal appeal, extendable length and simple assembly, this leaf blower gutter attachment kit comes highly recommended by homeowners.

Main Product Features

  • Easy twist assembly
  • The universal adaptor fits most major brands
  • Premium airflow is achieved with this product to make cleaning easy
  • The tubes can be extended to 11 feet


Husqvarna Blower Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House


Husqvarna 952711918 Leaf Blower Gutter Kit Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part(125B Or 125VBX Only)


Husqvarna is one of the leading names when it comes to leaf blowers. This brand is well known for great designs and premium quality – something which can be seen in this brilliant gutter cleaning attachment kit. If you own a Husqvarna and are wanting to make the most use out of it around your home, then definitely consider purchasing this kit.

This leaf blower gutter attachment kit offers a straightforward solution to cleaning those hard to reach places. Simply screw together the plastic tubes to your desired height, and attach to your blower. Once secure, you will easily be able to clean out tall gutters with two feet firmly on the ground.

Designed for Husqvarna Models

Unfortunately, this particular gutter leaf blower kit is not suitable for all Husqvarna models. Therefore, before purchasing it, make sure to check that it will work with your particular machine. If this kit does fit your blower or vacuum, then get ready for gutter cleaning to become one of your favorite household chores.

After the leaves are cleared and safely down on the ground, you might want to check this Worx leaf collection system!

Main Product Features

  • Consists of six plastic tubes and an attachment piece
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Provides great airflow when in use


Toro Gutter Cleaning Kit 51667


Toro 51667 Gutter Cleaning Kit


If you are looking for possibly the best leaf blower gutter attachment for your Toro product, then this well-designed kit is it. With some handy features and well thought out details, keeping your gutters tidy has never been easier.

This leaf removal gutter kit uses five different extension tubes which firmly lock into each other – no need for any duct tape here! This is a seriously solid product that delivers on results. These are one of the best gutter cleaning tools for even 2 story house that can reach farther than most. This means you won’t need any ladders or steps when clearing out your gutters.

Large Wide Tubes and Shoulder Strap

Even though it reaches an impressive height, airflow is not restricted with large tubing. This means that dry leaves and debris removal from even the most out of reach corners become a simple task.

For added convenience, this kit comes with a useful shoulder strap. This really helps with maneuvering and handling your cleaning extension. This gutter cleaning kit is compatible with most Toro leaf blowers and vacs, being specially designed with the brand’s quality in mind.

Main Product Features

  • Consists of five extension tubes, a gutter nozzle and a connection collar
  • Includes a handy shoulder strap
  • Designed to maximize airflow through the tube
  • Reaches higher than most models


Sun Joe SBJ6-GA Gutter Blower Attachment

Sun Joe SBJ6-GA Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment, (For models SBJ601E + SBJ603E + SBJ605E + iONBV)

Sun Joe leaf blowers always seem to be designed with quality and ease of use in mind. This particular leaf blower gutter attachment is no exception to this. If you are looking to improve your Sun Joe machine by using it to clean your hard to reach gutters, then definitely consider buying this model.

Long Reach

This extension has an impressive length of 90”, eliminating the need for a ladder. Cleaning your gutters now becomes a safer and simple task. All you need to do is screw together the plastic tubes to extend your blower’s reach to where it needs to be. The long tube helps to maximize airflow which makes clearing your gutters hassle-free.

The U-nozzle at the end of this attachment is well designed to hook into difficult spaces and small gutters. No matter what kind of area you want to clean, this model can do it.

This kit is compatible with various Sun Joe models, and it will be sure to improve your home cleaning significantly.

Main Product Features

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • The lengthened pipe maximizes leaf blower airflow
  • Assembled length of 90”
  • Safely cleans gutters while you stand on the ground. Be sure to use the best safety glasses while you work.


Greenworks GK0A00 Universal Gutter Kit


Greenworks GK0A00, Universal Gutter Kit, Black and green


This easy to use Greenworks leaf blower gutter attachment is a smart choice for just about anyone. A great feature of this kit is its universal appeal.

Large Universal Sleeve to Connect to Most Any Blower

Due to a clever locking design, this extension can be utilized by most brands of leaf blowers and vacs, up to a five-inch diameter.

Simply strap in and lock down the extensions onto your leaf blower, to extend it out to your roof. Attach the plastic pipes together to reach a height that suits your needs and get cleaning.

This product isn’t only convenient, it also works great! Airflow is maintained and even maximized throughout the extension, making this extension easy to remove all kinds of debris from your 2nd story gutters. Due to its 11 feet reach, this cleaning kit can be handled from the ground easily.

Main Product Features

  • Fits most brands of blowers/vacs
  • Designed to generate maximum airflow
  • Easy to assemble plastic tubes
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


Black + Decker BZOBL50 Quick Connect Gutter Cleaner Attachment


BLACK+DECKER Gutter Clean Attachment For Blower, Quick Connect (BZOBL50)


If you want to make the most out of your Black and Decker machine, then this nifty gutter cleaner attachment is a great idea. With a couple of unique features, and made with premium quality, the difficult task of gutter cleaning becomes a breeze!

Flexible Tube For Better Reach

The attachment features a flexible tube at the lower end. This improves maneuverability to reach every corner and crevice up on your roof. The extension reaches out to a whopping 12 feet, perfect for 2nd story gutters, so there is no need to bring out the ladder.

This gutter cleaning kit uses four connectable tubes, allowing the kit to be extended to a length of your choice.

Additionally, the hooked nozzle at the end is also brilliant for getting into messy gutters and clearing even the toughest bits of debris.

Main Product Features

  • Features a quick-connect four-tube extension system
  • Suitable for most Black + Decker blowers
  • Features a flexible tube for extra maneuverability
  • Extends to 12 feet reach


Stihl Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit


Stihl 4241-007-1003 OEM Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit

This Stihl 4241-007-1003 OEM Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit is the ideal tool. Featuring a simple design of easily manageable plastic extension tubes, even the hardest to reach corners of your gutters can be cleared in seconds.

Create the Length and Reach You Need

Clogged gutters may become a thing of the past with this quick and manageable attachment. Easily assemble a series of different plastic tubes together for the length required.

Together they can be attached to your STIHL handheld blower and can extend to more than ten feet to reach most residential height gutters.

With the powerful airflow that this leaf blower gutter attachment provides, you can remove wet leaves, dry debris, and practically any kind of mess stuck in your gutters. The tall reach of this universal kit means that cleaning these places is safe and easy to do.

Main Product Features

  • Compatible with most gas and electric models
  • Easy installation and use
  • Great airflow through the tubes

Final Thoughts

Using a leaf blower gutter attachment is a great way to make a dirty, dangerous and difficult task safer and easy to manage. It only takes seconds to transform your machine into a highly efficient gutter cleaning tool. These models can be managed with two feet firmly on the ground.

Once the leaves and debris are removed consider using a leaf scoop to pick up everything easily.

You might want to read our garden tools guide essentials article or even seeing which model is the best leaf shredder.

If you are looking to take your home maintenance to the next level, then its time to consider any one of these attachment kits. It really will help you to make the most out of your leaf blower if you purchase from any of our leaf blower comparisons.

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