Leaf Blower Made In USA: Discover The Nifty Sun Joe SBJ597E

If your yard is in disarray and it’s time for a cleanup, then setting your sights on the best leaf blower made in USA may be just what you need to get it in shape again.

One leaf blower model that fits the bill and caught our eye is the Sun Joe SBJ597E electric. Headquartered in NJ, the Sun Joe brand is well known for its outdoor power tools. Let’s look at the SBJ597E in more detail to find out why it’s top of its class.

About The Sun Joe SBJ597E

Sun Joe SBJ597E Made In USA


Before buying, you first have to consider the size of the yard you’ll be working in, the type of power supply that’s best suited to your needs, as well as what will be the most comfortable to use when you’re working.

Luckily, the sun joe leaf blower SBJ597E is a very nifty model that’s perfect for most yards! It’s a great all-purpose blower for leaves, which has extreme power and is great for getting rid of garden debris and other muck, even if it’s wet.

Although it’s lightweight, you’ll find it perfectly suited to use for sweeping patios, driveways, decks, and garages.

Here’s everything you need to know about its features and capabilities.

Stand Out Features

Powerful and Lightweight

At first glance, these handheld blowers don’t appear to look that powerful. However, for such a lightweight leaf blower, this one has earned its place when it comes to great leaf blowing capabilities.

The machine has a 120 V 6-Amp motor that assures users of a high-powered engine capacity to move leaves and debris. Couple that with its very light weight of 3.9 lbs, and you’re looking at a comfortable and efficient machine to work with.

The real kicker though is the 260 CFM airflow volume it produces. The power of these units is further evident in the forceful airspeed emitted thanks to the two-stroke engine.

High Airspeed

With an incredible airspeed offering of 155 MPH and no load speed with 12,000/13,500 RPM, this handheld leaf blower is a machine of power.

As far as power tools go, this handheld blower produces an intense air volume and airspeed that can eliminate yard debris in no time!

Great Warranty and Customer Support

In addition to having a reputable history of many satisfied customers, this handheld blower promises its customers a two-year warranty. In the event that you run into any trouble, this is a brand that offers customer service agents ready to help.

Convenient Design

The tube directs leaves into one or two corners to make the clearing process that much easier. The flat nozzle design allows for high-density airflow deposits to help this process. This model provides convenience in all aspects.

This leaf blower also features an intuitive on-off switch so it’s super easy to get it going and turn it off when you’re done. There are no confusing buttons or tricky controls to worry about with this device.

Clearly, the designers behind this product thought carefully about the construction of these units. They made sure to craft the nozzle so that it produces high volumes of airspeed, continuing the theme of really putting the “power” into these machines to clear debris.

Quiet Engine

Not only is it extremely lightweight, and compact, but it is also perfectly suitable for any suburban neighborhood thanks to its relatively silent noise levels.

Easy To Store

Because the chute is removable, this means you can dismantle your machine and pack it up into a smaller space. It’s useful when you’re limited for storage space in your yard or shed.

Value For Money

In a competitive market of gardening brands, this leaf blower is a relatively affordable model. While it comes at a great price, it doesn’t compromise on quality and even clears damp leaves, among other yard litter.

What We Like

  • Provides up to 155 MPH airspeed
  • 6 Amp motor
  • Extremely lightweight design at only 3.9 lbs
  • Quiet
  • Budget-friendly
  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy to use

Minor Drawbacks

  • The non-retractable cord means you need to drag the power cord along with you every time you want to use the product

How To Use This Machine

As can be expected from a high-quality leaf blower made in USA, this model is very easy to use. It’s no problem to work the blower through the garden, clearing leaves and debris, or at least collect all of it in one spot if you’re looking to add to compost.

Step One

When you buy the leaf blower, you get a blower tube, concentrator nozzle, and the machine itself with the purchase. Before you can get to work, ensure you have a direct power socket close-by, or else an extension cord to plug in your electric blower.

Thereafter, simply connect the blower tube to the mainframe, plug it in, and you are ready to go.

Step Two

These models offer users a single setting speed. With one click on the instant start button, focus the blower tube in the direction of the debris you need to clear, and your grass clippings collection journey can commence.

This leaf blower made in USA is one that may earn you a few envious glances from neighbors when they see how simple it is to use.

Step Three

If you are low on storage space, fear not. In addition to being simple to use, these electric leaf blowers are easy to store. You just need to remove the chute and you can pack it away into a broom closet, or garden shed when you are finished.

Final Thoughts On This Leaf Blower Made In USA

One of the best ways to know whether leaf blowers are for you is to take the plunge and purchase your very own. Kitted out with this Sun Joe SBJ597E all-purpose electric blower, you can clear any leaves from your patio, walkways, decks, and even clear light snow.

However, if you have a large yard and don’t want to be limited by a power cord, a gas-powered or battery-powered device could be a better option to suit your needs.

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