Quiet Leaf Blower: What You Should Look For

When the leaves fall each year, you have to get rid of them. They make excellent mulch if you chop them up, but you need an easy way to gather them. Most homeowners find that the leaf blower is a great tool, but it can be noisy. Many areas have laws on noise, so you need to find a quiet leaf blower. Most outdoor power equipment is excessively loud.

In your research, you may have come across a leaf blower that claims it runs at lower decibels. We’re going to explain what those are and how to find the best quiet leaf blower for your yard.

Helpful Guide on How to Buy a Less Noisy Leaf Blower:


Whether the leaf blower runs on gas or is electric, it’s still going to make a sound. Decibels (dB) are the unit you measure sound with. When the decibels are high, the machine is louder. Sound is just energy traveling in waves. You measure it with amplitude and frequency. Frequency is reported as Hertz (Hz), and it measures how many sound vibrations there are in one second.

On the other hand, the amplitude is measured by decibels to focus on forcefulness and pressure.

Many cities impose leaf blower sound limits of just 65 decibels at 50 feet away. If your leaf blower isn’t the quietest, it might be time to buy a new one. Newer models often emit just 65 to 75 decibels, and the older models can produce sounds of 80 to 90 decibels.

Cords or Not

Cordless Leaf Blower - 200 CFM 150 MPH Battery-Operated Blower for Blowing Leaves, Snow Debris and Dust, 20V Electric Leaf Blower with Battery and Charger for Yard, Work Around The House


A corded leaf blower runs on electricity, and it ties you down. You can only go as far as the cord lets you. While you can use an extension cord to give you a bit more range, they can use more electricity and could give you less force.

Non-corded (handheld) blowers can run on batteries or gas as two-stroke options and may have more force. However, they are often noisy. If you’re looking for a quieter leaf blower, choose one that runs on batteries. They produce less noise and lower decibels. Still, they may not run for long periods.

Handheld or Backpack

Cordless Leaf Blower - 200 CFM 150 MPH Battery-Operated Blower for Blowing Leaves, Snow Debris and Dust, 20V Electric Leaf Blower with Battery and Charger for Yard, Work Around The House


Some units are handheld, which means you have to hold them for the duration of the work. Stihl and Echo focus primarily on creating a handheld blower.

The backpack variety is a great option for those who have big backyards. The motor sits on your back, but it can produce enough airflow to move the leaves quickly. While you have to hold the hose, most of the weight sits at your back. These versions often have low decibels and run on batteries to give you the freedom to go wherever.

Gas, Electricity, or Battery

Gas-powered leaf blowers are often handheld, and they can go anywhere. However, gas-powered leaf blowers typically cost more and weigh a lot more, too. They produce more sound, so you’re going to have to look at the ratings to make sure that the decibel level is low enough for your needs and area.

An electric-powered engine can be corded or without cords (batteries). Electric leaf blowers typically have less power than gas models. On top of that, there’s less maintenance and a limited run-time because of the battery charge. Though electric blowers are quieter than gas-powered leaf blowers, there are still some drawbacks to consider, such as a high-pitched noise coming from them.

Keep in mind that there are benefits of using gas or electric units. For example, Stihl and Echo are two popular brand names, and they have both styles.

Typically, electric and battery-powered leaf blower products are often the quietest leaf blowers out there, especially when compared to gas-powered varieties. The noise is less, but still has enough to move the leaves sufficiently.


The air flowing from a leaf blower is the most important when considering their many uses. Research shows that CFM and MPH are both crucial aspects. When shopping for a quiet leaf blower, it’s essential to look at the numbers. You want airflow (CFM), speed (MPH), horsepower, and weight.

What does MPH and CFM mean, though? CFM Calculator

The CFM isn’t a very familiar measurement for many. It stands for cubic feet per minute, and it’s the measure of volume (how much air goes through the nozzle of the leaf blower in a minute). A higher CFM value means more airflow through the leaf blower.

MPH is more familiar as miles per hour, and it measures speeds. For leaf blowers, it focuses on the rate of airflow for the leaf blower (air velocity). In a sense, it’s about the fastness and forcefulness of the airflow to move debris. This can also mean that those tools are quite loud and may have a high-pitched noise emanating from them.

Quiet Models Available

Many leaf blowers on the market are loud. For example, Worx, Toro, Echo, and Stihl are all top brand names, and they all have different noise level ratings. Though Echo and Stihl do produce low-noise leaf blowers, they are few and far between. On top of that, Echo tends to cost more than other leaf blower options.

KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower Review

Though most people focus on Stihl or Echo as the top brand, KIMO power tools are not something to ignore. If the noise level is a big concern for you, don’t worry as much. Since it is battery-powered, this leaf blower is very quiet.

There are no cords, so you’re not going to be limited as to where you can use your leaf blowers. On top of that, you don’t get the smell from the gasoline, and the noise levels are much lower.

Quiet leaf blowers are all the rage right now, and this blower has a 59-decibel level, even at its maximum force. Typically, leaf blowers like this run on a battery, and this blower is no different. It’s still robust, but you don’t deal with the cords. Though it’s handheld, it only weighs 2.7 pounds, even with the battery pack.

Leaf blowers like this are designed to be quiet and produce lower noise levels. In fact, it gives you 150 MPH and 200 CFM because of the upgraded motors. That means you get tons of volume and higher speeds at the same time. The powerful turbine improves output, so you have stronger wind and can get through your task easily.

The top rated leaf blowers from KIMO are also designed as a two-in-one product, so you also get a vacuum attachment. You may wonder about the noise level since vacuums can be very noisy. However, it’s very quiet.

Quiet Leaf Blower Conclusion

When compared to Echo leaf blowers, the KIMO brand performs well for many light house duties. It’s also a vacuum, so you can clean out your car or take care of the mess in the garage. The small size and lighter weight make it easy to use and quick to store. Check it out and get free shipping while supplies last.

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