Redmax Leaf Blower HB281 Review

When it comes to handheld leaf blowers, the Redmax HB281 offers you some of the best features and value available on the market. A Redmax leaf blower gives you commercial blower quality in a household product. This Redmax gas handheld model has a lot of power, is lightweight and can easily be carried around the yard.

It is also a smart, affordable and efficient choice for those wanting to keep the entire yard and garden clean with minimum effort. When it comes down to purchasing a gas-powered blower it is a good idea to know what you’re getting into before buying. You’ll need to know it’s pros, cons, features and prices.

Here is some helpful details and product information on the Redmax blower HB281.

Why You Should Buy The Handheld Redmax LeafBlower

There are four different types of leaf blowers on the market: corded electric, cordless electric, handheld gas powered, and gas powered backpack blowers. This Redmax blower model falls under the handheld gas powered category, which gives the product a bunch of performance perks.

Handheld gas powered leaf blowers are some of the most powerful tools out there due to them operating by gas, instead of a weaker battery. You will never have to recharge it or worry about finding a plugin point for it either.

It is also fantastic to use over large areas as there is no cord or concern about battery life. The HB281 can be used over entire gardens, patios, stairs, sidewalks and decks, due to it being easy to maneuver around as well as being constantly powered.

Redmax Leaf Blower

This Redmax leaf blower gives you a high performance through its 1.1 horsepower 2 cycle gas engine, producing a maximum airspeed of 170 mph – an impressive force from a handheld blower. This is a product that gets the job done and is built to last.

Redmax Handheld Leaf Blower 28cc 170 mph HB281



Main Features of this Redmax Blower Model

Light Weight

Often gas-powered leaf blowers come with the disadvantage of being overly bulky and heavy. This can cause a lot of strain for you when working in the garden and besides strain to your body. The HB281 Redmax handheld blower has been cleverly designed with this in mind. Weighing in at only 9.4 lbs, this machine has a super lightweight frame and is easy to carry.

For a gas powered blower which creates such a powerful airspeed, this model is surprisingly light. The high power to weight ratio means that the job will be easily finished with minimum effort and strain on the operator. This product can easily be handled single-handed.

Gas Powered

Forget about running out of battery life, having to recharge it, or being restricted by a cable – this unit uses gas to power the strong engine. This means that the 2 cycle engine is more powerful, runs better and can blow with a far greater force. If you are looking for high performance, commercial quality, then gas power is the only way to go.

The larger than usual gas tank also lasts for an impressive amount of time, giving you a tool which can be used over bigger yard areas. You will never be restricted by a cord, and the long life of the gas engine means that working over a large field will not be a problem at all.

Removable Air Filter

Located at the back of the unit is a seriously efficient little air filter. This air filter can be easily removed by simply unscrewing a rounded knob on the machine. Once loosened, the filter just pops out, making it a simple chore to clean out or replace.

With gas-powered, it is important to have an effective air filter in order to deal with any fumes from the engine. This HB281 has a brilliant filter which does the job well, is easy to remove and maintain, and can be simply accessed.

Gutter Cleaning Extension

Cleaning out gutters can be a difficult chore that many of us hate to do. This particular product makes this task something incredibly easy through the use of its gutter cleaning extension. Simply attach the gutter cleaner and get the job done in an instant.

This gutter cleaner is easy to attach, and it works amazingly well. With this extension, you can use your tool in more ways than simply blowing lawns, and can find an effective solution to a tiring job.

Easy to Start

Often gas-powered blowers can be very difficult to start and have to be pulled at many times before they get going. This can be a trouble for those who aren’t so strong. This Redmax leaf blower is renowned for its easy to start engine.

The cord typically only needs to be pulled once or twice in order to get this machine running. Forget battling to start the engine, pulling away at the unit for ages. This is a high-performance product from Redmax. This easy to start engine, combined with the lightweight frame means that it can easily be used by most everyone.


At only 14.9 in length, the HB281 is a convenient size for any household use. Easy to carry around and easy to pack away and store, this piece of equipment comes in a great size for all that it needs to do.

As this is a handheld type, size and weight are very important features to consider. This particular product offers you a very good size for the amount of power which it holds. If you are looking for a model to easily carry around and store at home, then this is a great option for you.

Air Speed

This handheld Redmax leaf blower produces an impressive airspeed of up to 170 mph. With a serious force like this, you can get just about any difficult blowing job done.

Whether it is lawn clippings, leaves, twigs or other unwanted mess in your garden, the Red max blower has a high enough airspeed to deal with it. This HB281 is not restricted to light objects only, and can easily blow clean large areas in no time.

Fuel Tank

A common problem with gas-powered types is that the fuel tanks can often let you down. You don’t want to be constantly refilling your machine when you need to get the job done. This piece of equipment has a fuel tank with a volume of 18.5 fl oz. This is a rather impressive size for such a compact blower.

The fuel tank is very easy to refill with its simply designed screw top lid. A smart feature on this efficient machine.


Redmax is a name that is known for its long-lasting quality and it is made to last with its well designed and strongly built features. The body is solid and hardy, with little room for damage. This is a best gas blower brand and product that makes for a wise investment as it should easily withstand the test of time. 

Pros and Cons of a Redmax Leaf Blower

Redmax Handheld Leaf Blower 28cc 170 mph HB281

What We Like

  • Easy to carry, store and maneuver
  • Cruise control variable speed throttle
  • Lightweight at 9.4 lbs.
  • Powerful air force in a compact body
  • Attractive design
  • One of the more affordable handheld blowers on the market
  • Fuel efficient and has a great fuel tank
  • Easy to use and quick to start
  • Great power to size ratio

Minor Drawbacks

  • Need to mix 2 cycle oil together with the gas
  • Can require some maintenance

Similar in the Market

If you are looking for a similar product on the market, the Husqvarna 125B, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 425 CFM 170 MPH Handheld Blower would fare up well to this Redmax leaf blower. This is also a lightweight, gas-powered handheld that produces a high airflow and velocity compared to its compact size.

The Husqvarna 125B also produces up to 170 mph air flow, while obtaining a 425 CFM air volume. Needless to say, these two blowers pair up well in terms of power and performance.

The Redmax leaf blower really shines through its smart and easy to handle controls. It comes with a cruise control variable speed throttle, an automatically resetting stop switch, as well as an adjustable blowing tube length.

The Redmax blower and the Husqvarna 125B fall under the same price bracket. These are both great blowers for domestic use, although they could easily be put to use in a more commercial environment due to their strong power and easy to control size.

Final Thoughts On The HB281

If you are looking for a great leaf blower to use around your household that will pack an impressive amount of force, then the Redmax Leaf Blower 28cc 170 mph HB281 is a product which you should definitely consider.

This model ticks all the boxes for a great home gardening power tool: strong performance, easy to handle, can be used over a large area, and is built with a standard of lasting quality.

When it comes to handheld gas-powered blowers, the Redmax HB281 is an affordable blower with an amazing amount of force and attitude.

The handheld Redmax blower will easily move the most stubborn leaves and debris. This model will really will blow you away with it’s affordability and commercial quality performance.  See it now.

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