Stihl Leaf Blower: One of the Best Products on the Market

Stihl Leaf Blower One of the Best Products on the Market

Andreas Stihl AG and Company, or more popularly known as Stihl, is a company founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, and their main headquarters is located in Waiblingen, Germany. They are known to be one of the leading innovators when it comes to power and other gardening tools. The Stihl leaf blower is considered to be one of their best-selling products across the globe.

The company’s first own design was a hand-built chainsaw that was powered by electricity and weighed about 141 pounds! Thereafter, the name Stihl started gaining popularity steadily and eventually, it became synonymous with high-quality and professional grade products. As such, in the mid-1970s, the company decided to expand its operations to other countries in the world, such as Brazil and the United States of America.

From then on, most of the product demands came from landscaping and the construction industry. It was then where Stihl leaf blowers came into existence and gained so much popularity. Along with that, they also began manufacturing line trimmers and edgers. At present, Stihl products are distributed in 150 countries in six continents, which totals into 45,000 accredited dealers plus several importers.

Stihl Leaf Blower: Different Categories and Top Products

The leaf blowers from Stihl are considered to be the industry’s leading products that help in blowing away all kinds of mess in your backyards, gardens, or walkways. The best part about these gardening tools is that there are several of them that are targeted to individuals with specific needs. That means that there is a particular line of a leaf blower that is intended for small tasks as well as for large jobs.

Whichever one of them you choose or need, you can be sure that this company’s leaf blowers will last you for a very long time as they are made out of premium materials. Likewise, Stihl has designed their leaf blowers keeping in mind the ease of the product’s use, how efficient it should be, and most important of all, the exceptional power it should have.

After reading all the information above, we are certain that you are already curious about this company’s fantastic leaf blowers. That is why we will list you three different categories of Stihl leaf blowers and briefly list the features of the best rated leaf blower in each category.

Homeowner Leaf Blowers

As mentioned earlier, Stihl offers leaf blowers specifically designed for easy and quick cleanup of a home’s outdoor living space. These leaf blowers are designed keeping in mind busy homeowners who need to accomplish all tasks on weekends. Hence, the tools are incredibly light in weight yet have a ton of power.

The company has also placed some symbols in these leaf blowers so that you will know the standout feature of each  Stihl leaf blower model. What is better is that figuring out what precisely the symbols on the model number mean is very simple. C stands for comfort feature, E stands for Easy2Start™, and lastly, the L stands for low noise.

  • Stihl BR 200

The Stihl backpack leaf blower model br 200 has a listed weight of 12.6 pounds, and you can wear it as a backpack leaf blower for ease of use. This particular model is designed for homeowners that have a large backyard or property where a small handheld leaf blower would be insufficient. This leaf blower has a blowing force of 12 Newtons and can get rid of all the clutter within minutes. It works on gas and has a capacity of holding up to 1050 cc and has a maximum air velocity of 67 m/sec (150 mph).

Stihl BGA 100

Battery Operated Leaf Blowers

There are times when using a leaf blower with a power cord would just not be possible making people choose gas leaf blowers. Although they are great alternatives, they do fall on the expensive side. So, the next leaf blower that will come handy in this situation has got to be the battery-operated leaf blowers. These leaf blowers make getting rid of clutter quick and effective which will minimize the amount of effort you need to exert.

Apart from quick cleanup, other benefits of using the battery operated leaf blower are that they start instantly, they are easy to carry, and are great for people with small properties.

  • Stihl BGA 100

The Stihl BGA 100 is a lithium-ion battery-powered leaf blower meant for homeowners but made with professional landscaper qualities in mind. This leaf blower works great for left or right-handed people. It has something called a boost mode which blows air at a force of 17 Newtons as well as has a maximum air velocity of 75 m/sec (168 mph). It has different performance levels you can choose from that will last the battery for you anywhere between 25 and 160 minutes

Stihl BR 700

Professional Leaf Blowers

Having the best commercial leaf blower is imperative for landscaping companies and businesses or individuals that or who clean properties professionally. Since time means money for them, it is essential that majority of the time is spent on doing the job rather than servicing the leaf blower.

That is why all the professional leaf blowers by Stihl are made as fuel efficient as they should be. The company also kept in mind the product’s emission and gas tank’s size so that you are not always refilling it with gas. Likewise, these leaf blowers are designed with excellent ergonomics to offer maximum comfort and minimum vibration.

  • Stihl BR 700

The Stihl BR 700 is the company’s most powerful leaf blower model to date. This blower is capable of clearing piles of dry and wet leaves with ease, all while being fuel efficient. This blower has 35 Newtons of blowing capacity and a maximum cfm air flow velocity of 88 m/sec (197 mph). It weighs just 23.4 pounds and has a fuel capacity of 1400 cc.


The Stihl leaf blowers are only available at dealers and based on their general features, are indeed one of the best leaf blowers on the market right now. They have a plethora of options in different reviews and categories so that you will find exactly what you are in need of.

So, if you are a regular homeowner or if you are someone with a professional landscaping business, it goes without saying that having a Stihl leaf blower in your arsenal will do you wonders.

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