Swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower Review

The Swift cordless leaf blower allows you to get rid of the littering leaves scattered around your lawn, garage, patio, or deck. This power-laden garden leaf blower is an ideal addition to your grass trimmer or lawn mower.

This battery-operated leaf blower is lightweight, easy to use, and simple to carry around. You can now reach even the most remote corners of your yard, which is not possible with the traditional string trimmer or petrol grass trimmer.

If you are wondering about the features and advantages of this cord free leaf blower, you have stumbled upon the right article. Read on for more information.

Features of the Swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower


40V Leaf Blower - 120 MPH Cordless Leaf Blower Lightweight Sweeper Blower & Snow Blowing for Patio Lawn Garden with Battery and Charger




  • Consists of copper motors
  • Weighs 3.1 kilograms (5.84 pounds)
  • 385 cubic feet per minute of airflow capacity
  • Airflow speed of 130 miles per hour

What Reviews Say About this Model

Longer Life

This Swift leaf blower comes with a copper motor. This leads to the dual benefits of low energy consumption and long-lasting life.

Copper is one of the most durable metals because it corrodes very slowly and maintains its chemical composition for a long time. Thus, with regular maintenance, this copper leaf blower will last longer than you expect.

High Performance

The high-performing axial fans are unique in compact machinery. This enables it to generate high-speed airflow at low pressures, contributing to its strong performance.

Its ergonomic design also increases the efficiency of performance and reduces user fatigue. It comes in handy while cleaning an overgrown lawn. You could blow off the leaves and litter before putting your lawn mower to work for an ideal cutting session.

However, some people might complain about the lack of a speed control option. But that shouldn’t be a major concern, as it gets the job done every time.

Cordless Blower

You would not have to worry about finding a socket to plug in this garden leaf blower. This runs on a 40V lithium-ion battery that comes with the product. You do not have to worry about the length of the cord, as is in the case of a blower with wire.

Thus, you can use this Swift 40V cordless leaf blower even in the most inaccessible parts of your lawn or yard. The battery lasts for about 12 minutes, which is enough for one session of lawn leaf blowing.

Comfortable Operation


swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower Lightweight Battery Powered Leaf Blower for Patio Lawn Garden with 2Ah Battery and Charger


The blower is easy to start and use with a single button. Its ultra-light design makes it easy to handle and reduces the stress on your arm by 30%. With air blowing at a powerful speed of 130 miles per hour, it ensures effective cleaning.

It also comes with a safety switch, so that the device doesn’t automatically start when you are away. You can press this switch between your cleaning sessions to avoid any accidents.


swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower Lightweight Battery Powered Leaf Blower for Patio Lawn Garden with 2Ah Battery and Charger


It also features a nozzle that is easily detachable within a matter of seconds. This makes it easy to store the blower. This also makes cleaning the blower more convenient.

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Less Noisy

Unlike those noisy leaf blowers around, this Swift leaf blower is less noisy. Even at a high air speed of 130 miles per hour, it does not cause any sort of trouble to your ears.

The air intake is situated at the rear end of the blower, which further reduces the noise reaching your ears.

Warranty and Guarantee

This is a product on which you can rely. You can rest assured about the quality of the product. It comes with a 24-month warranty on the machine and 12-month warranty on the lithium-ion battery.

If you face any problems related to manufacturing or operating defects during this period, the manufacturers (REDBACK POWER) would be more than happy to help you out, including replacing the product, if needed.

Standard Battery

One of the most unique features of Swift is that they use a standard lithium-ion battery for all their appliances. Thus, no matter which leaf blower you have, as long as it is a Swift one, you could use the batteries interchangeably.

This also helps when you already have a Swift product with a perfectly working battery but wish to upgrade to a better version of the product.

The Good

  • Better handling due to its light weight
  • Cordless for enhanced mobility
  • Comes with a 40V lithium-ion battery & charger
  • A 24-month warranty on the product and a 12-month warranty on the battery
  • Comes with a safety switch to prevent accidents
  • High-performance Axial fan
  • Long-lasting due to its copper motor
  • High performance as it can blow air at the speed of 130 miles per hour
  • Removable nozzle that makes it easy to store


  • The battery life is 12-15 minutes, but good for smaller areas
  • No variable speed control
  • Does not have a brushless motor

The Bottom Line on the Swift Cordless Leaf Blower


swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower Lightweight Battery Powered Leaf Blower for Patio Lawn Garden with 2Ah Battery and Charger


The Swift Cordless Leaf Blower is an excellent addition to your lawn and garden cleaning equipment. This would blow away not just leaves, but dirt, sand, debris, or powdered snow from your lawn, patio, yard, or garage and is ideal for any kind of garden cleaning job.

This machine gives you a cleaner and aesthetic lawn in a matter of minutes. It is much more efficient and less expensive as compared to the traditional and bulky petrol grass trimmers.

Its supreme blowing efficiency enabled by a powerful motor made of copper is something you can rely on. It is easy to purchase as it comes with variable shipping options. Since it comes with a battery and a charger, you won’t need to purchase any additional items.

We hope the above review has assisted you in making a sound choice for the sake of a clean garden.

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