Husqvarna 125B 952711925 Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower

Husqvarna 125B Gas Powered Blower Review

If you want to make the task of keeping your yard clean an easy one, you may need to give the Husqvarna 125b 952711925 gas leaf blower review a little more attention. This powerful blower delivers up to 170 miles per hour in wind speeds.

This ensures you are able to take on and move huge amounts of leaves and debris from your yard or driveway.

The variable speed fan in this handheld leaf blower has been engineered specifically to produce more air power while the body is also very lightweight. It can be used for longer periods of time without causing muscle strain like the heavier models.

One of the cool features we really liked about the Husqvarna 125B blower 952711925 is the handy cruise control function.

Easily set the throttle to maintain a constant fan speed to your choosing. This makes it easy for you to work in larger areas that require continuous power to get the job done quicker.

If you do not have a lot of strength to start a tool like this, do not worry. Three or four easy pulls of the starter cord will get the engine started. You do not have to wear yourself out before you have even started working.

About the Husqvarna 125B Handheld Leaf Grass Blower 28cc Gas Powered

Husqvarna 125B Handheld Leaf Grass Blower 28cc Gas Powered 170mph (Renewed)

Stand Out Features

This gas powered handheld leaf blower model is packed with some awesome features which made us include it in our list of the best gas models we could identify on the market this time around. We have listed some of them below.

  • Fan housing has been specifically designed to have the air stream in line with the handle, this helps reduce stress while using the blower.
  • The blower is CARB compliant.
  • Starts easily, thanks to the stop switch which switches to the ON position automatically
  • Equipped with adjustable fan speed and cruise-control function, makes this handheld blower easier to handle
  • Adjustable blowing tube
  • Weighs 9.4 pounds


  • Light enough for use for short periods of time
  • Starts easily without leaving you tired from just trying to start it
  • Variable speed throttle can be set for easier handling
  • The blower has enough strength to move wet leaves, which is usually a challenge for other blowers we have featured
  • The handle is comfortable and easy to hold for easier handling
  • Auto button allows the blower to operate at desired speed without you having to keep holding it


  • The suction power is so powerful that you have to watch the fabric of your pants


Husqvarna 125B Handheld Leaf Grass Blower 28cc Gas Powered 170mph (Renewed)

The Husqvarna 125b 952711925 blower is one machine that will do the job for which it has been designed quite well. It will really move the leaves where you want them and fast too. It’s provides super fast 170 miles per hour in wind speeds.

They are lightweight enough if you are planning to use it for short periods of time. It can get quite tiring if you use it for extended periods; well like everything else.

If you are going to use this blower, stay away from fuels that have ethanol as they tend to damage the machine. Always remember to use 100% gasoline. The added cost of the gasoline will be recouped by the extended life you will get from your blower.

If you do not have a lot of power to start a gasoline powered blower, there is no need at all to worry. Within the first three pulls, you will be able to get the machine going. The adjustable fan speed ensures that you have full control of the machine while you are using it.


Since there are different brands in the market that offer gas powered models, we decided to compare a few so that we know what the others have to offer.

One of the good ones we identified is the Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower. You will notice that the Hitachi RB24EAP comes with air flow volume that is a leader in its class.

We are talking about volumes of up to 441 CFM. This gives you great ability to move a lot of debris fast and where you want it.

You could also check out the Makita bhx2500ca. Just like the Husqvarna 125b blower, this is CARB compliant as well. Makita leaf blowers are however a little more expensive.

It is equipped with a quick start feature that allows you to start the engine without a great deal of struggle.


Any blower that exhibits the amount of power that the Husqvarna 125b 952711925 leaf blower provides, will always impress our reviews team.

The reason for having a blower in the first place is to have the power to lift even those stubborn leaves and debris.

We recommend this gas powered blower because it is easy to use. You don’t have to worry about starting it as that is easier compared to other gas models.

The other feature you will love about this model is that it has an automatic button which allows it to keep running without you having to press down anything.

If you purchase this gas powered model, you should always remember to use 100% gasoline. There seem to be problems associated with the use of fuel that contain any level of ethanol. If you insert the filter attachment, you will notice that it moves even more leaves.

This is one of the products we are happy to recommend. Check out the Husqvarna 125b gas leaf blower reviews today.

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