WORX WG506 Corded Blower Review & Other Leaf Blower Uses

WORX WG506 Corded Blower Review

Leaf blowers have gone a long way from being just leaf blowers. Accessories and modifications have been added to modern blowers, such as the WORX WG506 Corded Blower, that allows them to have more functions than they could possibly ever have. Sometimes these alternate uses are not found in the manual, but all it takes is a little creativity to bring them out.

On itself, a leaf blower has the following advantages:

  • Saves Time – leaf blowers cut garden cleaning time into more than half and it lets you spend more time in planting or any other gardening tasks.
  • Never Misses A Spot – a leaf blower works even on the tightest corners and removes fallen leaves, dust, and even small rocks, leaving a clean area in their place.
  • Makes Mulching Easier – leaf blowers let you “sweep” leaves into a corner of your garden and leave them there to turn into mulch. Some models even have a built-in mulcher that shreds leaves into finer material.
  • Sweeps Everything Up – leaf blowers are not limited to blowing leaves, it can also sweep up dust, small rocks and even twigs and small branches.
WORX WG506 7.5 Amp 2-Speed Electric Leaf Blower,Orange and Black



Alternative Uses for Leaf Blowers: WORX WG506 Corded Blower

Some creative individuals have come up with a few hacks that transform regular leaf blowers into something else, something most people won’t think leaf blowers can be used for. Here are a few examples:

  • Snow Blower – when it comes to power, a leaf blower is far from being a snow blower but you can also use them for blowing snow unto the pavement or gutter and let it melt there. It beats getting a shovel and ending up with a bad back.
  • Vents Cleaner – aim the nozzle of your leaf blower into a vent and let it rip. It will blow any loose dirt and lint within the ventilation shaft. Some models can be used as a vacuum, so you suck the dirt out as well with the right attachment.
  • Gutter Hose – some leaf blowers are powerful enough to blow leaves and dirt from the bottom of your rain gutter over the eaves, clearing the downspouts for a much better roof drainage.
  • Car Vacuum and Dryer – leaf blowers with the vacuum functionality can be used as a car vacuum, and the blower attachment can be used as a dryer as well. Just make sure to empty out the vacuum bag before drying the car clean.
  • All Around Cleaner – being able to blow leaves, means that a leaf blower, such as the WORX WG506 Corded Blower, can also sweep up dust and dirt inside the house, in-and-out ventilated appliances and even lawn mowers.
  • Wire Threader – one nifty trick when threading wire in tight spaces is securing a sponge in one end of the wire, inserting it into the conduit and letting the leaf blowers’ air pressure move it towards the far end.
  • Hovercraft – this has been done on a television show once. They transformed a leaf blower into a one-man hovercraft, and it actually worked. Make sure to consult with professionals before attempting this.

Leaf blowers have proven to be amazingly versatile, even if it’s just a basic leaf blower like the WORX WG506 Corded Blower, which is a simple tool that has the following features:

  • Adjustable Air Speed – the corded blower has an airspeed that ranges from 130-160 mph, and it is completely adjustable to suit your cleaning needs.
  • Lightweight – this leaf blower weighs a mere five pounds and does not require any special tool to be assembled.
  • High Air Volume and Speed – the tube design allows it to produce 160cfm of air that is more than enough to take on the toughest sweeping and blowing tasks.
  • Less Noise – having a 7.5 amp motor means that this corded leaf blower produces less noise as compared to other blowers that produce the same amount of power.


  • Versatile Cleaner – this leaf blower is powerful enough to blow glass, loose change, and small pebbles, as well as small twigs and empty soda cans. The two airspeed settings are perfect for switching between dry and wet leaves. The 130 mph setting for dry leaves and the 160 mph is ideal for wet leaves.
  • Easy to Use – Ready to use as it comes out of the box and it is a relatively lightweight blower that allows it to be used in any cleaning tasks without straining your body to accomplish them.
  • Well-made and Durable – Made of durable materials and does not need any tool to be assembled. It works great out of the box.


  • Low speed might be too Low – the two settings work well, and the 160 mph setting is perfect for everyday use, but the lowest setting can be a little low for some tasks.
  • Extension Cord Needed – the tool does not come with a cord and will require an extension that is long enough so that the blower can be used anywhere you want.


The compact and lightweight WORX WG506 Corded Blower is a quiet, yet powerful, leaf blower that packs in more punch than one can expect from a product of its size and weight. The adjustable air speeds allow it to be manipulated depending on the need of the user and the type of material to which it will be used.


Placed side by side with the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower, the WORX WG506 Corded Blower can produce more power, and it is quieter.

Both units are cordless and would require an extension cord, but the WORX WG506 Corded Blower does not require specialized batteries as the G-MAX does. The motor of the WORX WG506 Corded Blower is more powerful and can handle blowing and cleaning tasks for a home with a small to medium sized yard.


The WORX WG506 Corded Blower is efficiently designed to produce wind speeds of up to 160 mph that can sweep up leaves, pebbles, and even broken glass. It is completely adjustable; it can be set to low for dry leaves and dust, and then placed to high if handling wet leaves and other heavier debris. Visit to see this model today.

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