Tips for Buying the Best Lightweight Leaf Blower

Tips for Buying Lightweight Leaf Blower

When it is fall time, it is quite difficult to manage the leaves shredded by the trees in your premises. A leaf blower is very handy in amassing the leaves and removing the mess around your home easily. There are different varieties of leaf blowers with different power sources and with different operational options such as a lightweight leaf blower, larger backpack style models or walk behind wheeled models.

Leaf blowers are not only useful during the fall, but can be used throughout the year for any cleaning job required in your landscape. It is necessary for the user to understand which model will be of great use to them and buy the leaf blower according to the need.

Types of lightweight leaf blowers

There are leaf blowers which work on gas, electricity or on battery. The backpack models and walk behind wheeled models are usually heavy and if you do not want to use the backpack regularly, it is better to opt for handheld models.

The lightweight blowers offer convenience of handling than the heavier models. You should select the machine according to the type of terrain around your property, the power needed for blowing the leaves and the budget you have to purchase the item.

If you have power sources available, then you can go for corded electric blowers. They will weigh less than 8 pounds and are suitable for operation with one hand. There are lightweight cordless electric blowers for those who want to avoid the use of a power cord or find it difficult to maintain gas powered model.

The battery operated leaf blower models require rechargeable ion batteries to operate the machine and these models will be able to run for one hour or two once the battery is fully charged. The gas-powered handheld models are louder than the electric models and starting the machine is not as easy as the electric models.

You need to pull the cord to start the machine every time you want to use it and the machine requires tuning up. These gas-powered machines will weigh about 10 pounds.

Product Reviews

The best way to identify the lightweight leaf blower which offers convenience of use as well as good performance is to check the customer reviews.

The reports provided by the users of the blower give your honest opinion about the product and this will give you an idea about the quality of the product you are going to buy and the performance and durability of the item.

You need to know which features of the leaf blower should be considered when comparing different products and models.

 Features to consider with a lightweight blower

  • Time taken to blow a pile of leaves

If there is a dense pile of leaves, it will require more power to blow the leaves. In areas with scanty leaves, you can select blower with lower motor power.

  • Vacuuming and shredding

There are models which will perform vacuuming as well as shredding the leaves so that it is easy to dispose the leaves.

  • Maneuverability

The machine you are using should be easy to move and when you have large areas to clean, using heavy machines or corded machines will not provide the maneuverability of cordless models.

  • Emission free

You need to select models which cause least emission and environment pollution while operating. Electrical and battery operated leaf blowers are emission-free.

  • Easy to start

It is better to go for models with start and stop switch rather than opting for the ones that need to pull the cord to start the machine.

  • Type of nozzle

You need blowers with flat nozzles to blow away dense deposits of leaves. Round nozzles are more suited for vacuuming purpose or for loosening the embedded leaves in the lawn. You can find models with flat as well as round nozzles on the same machine.

  • Noise levels

The leaf blower you are using should not disturb your neighbor and hence it is necessary to select models with very low noise level while operating.

  • Affordability

The best way to buy the best blower is to compare the different features and the price offered for different brands before selecting the best one for your needs.

You can compare the different lightweight leaf blowers using our leaf blower reviews for the highest rated blower models which offer great value for your money.

If you do the proper research, you will be able to find the best and ideal lightweight leaf blower with all the necessary features at the best price.

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