4 Best Lightweight Leaf Blower Choices

Tips for Buying the best Lightweight Leaf Blower for your home and business

When it is fall time, it is quite difficult to manage the leaves that fall from the trees into your yard or premises. To help with this, the best lightweight leaf blower models are very handy in amassing the leaves and removing the mess around your home easily.

In fact, there are different varieties of leaf blowers with different power sources. There are also different operational options such as larger backpack style models, or walk-behind wheeled models.

In addition, a leaf blower is not only useful during the fall, but can be used throughout the year for any cleaning job required in your home, garden or garage.

However, before you go ahead and purchase one, it is necessary to understand which model will be a good choice based on your own individual needs. We will look at 4 of the best lightweight leaf blower reviews further along in the post as well so you can tie in the features to a machine.

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Types of Lightweight Leaf Blowers

As with any other kind of garden equipment, there are a variety of leaf blowers which work on gas, electricity, or battery. The backpack models and walk-behind wheeled models are usually heavy though, so if you want something easy to use, it is better to opt for handheld gas blower models.

Using a lightweight model offers more convenience of handling than the heavier models. Some things to keep in mind when selecting a product is the type of terrain around your property, the power needed for blowing the leaves, and the budget you have to purchase the item.

Corded Electric

If you have power sources available, then you can go for corded electric blowers. They will weigh less than 8 pounds and are suitable for operation with one hand. There are also lightweight cordless electric blowers for those who want to avoid the use of a power cord or find it difficult to maintain a gas-powered model.

Battery Powered

The battery operated leaf blowers require rechargeable ion batteries to operate the machine. Once ready, these models will be able to run for one hour or two once the battery is fully charged.

Gas Powered

With a gas model, you will need to pull the cord to start the machine every time you want to use it. Also, while it might provide more power, the machine will require tuning up. These gas-powered machines will weigh about 10 pounds, so they are only really suited to industrial use, or for those who are more mechanically inclined.

The gas-powered models are also louder than the electric models, and starting the machine is not as easy.

Furthermore, depending on whether the engine is 2 or 4 stroke, it will need a fuel and oil mix to run it. Overall, they are not a simple pick up and go machine.

Buyers Guide

In order to find the best lightweight leaf blower, you need to know which features you should be considering when comparing different products and models.

Therefore, before we get into the reviews of some of the multi use leaf blowers available online, here are various important features you should be looking out for.

Features To Consider

The Time It Takes To Blow A Pile Of Leaves

If there is a dense pile of leaves, say for example if they are wet, it will require more power to blow them away. Check out leaf blower for pine needles

However, in areas with scanty leaves, you can select a leaf blower with a lower motor power.

Also, note that the design of the nozzle, along with the CFM airflow it produces will also contribute to how effective the device is.

Vacuuming and Shredding

There are models which will perform vacuuming as well as shredding and mulching the leaves so that it is easy to dispose of the debris. If you are looking to get rid of dense leaf litter, this is something to consider.


The machine you are using should be easy to move. Note that when you have large areas to clean, using heavy machines or corded machines will not provide the maneuverability of cordless leaf blower models. The size of your property will also be a consideration here.

Emission-free Devices

In order to be environmentally conscious, and conscious of the state of your health, you need to select a model that causes the least emission and environment pollution while operating.

Electrical and battery powered leaf blowers are all emission-free (although creating the electricity to power the device does indirectly create emissions).

Easy to Start

It is better to go for models with a start and stop switch rather than opting for the ones that you need to pull the cord to start the machine. This is just a more convenient way to use this kind of device, as they don’t often require the amount of power that pull start machines provide anyway.

Type of Nozzle

You’ll want one to have a flat nozzle to easily blow away dense deposits of leaves. Round nozzles are more suited for vacuuming purposes or for loosening the embedded leaves on the lawn. You can also find models with flat as well as round nozzles on the same machine.

Noise Levels

Be aware of the amount of noise each type produces. You would not want to disturb your neighbors or cause too much noise pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to select models with very low noise level while operating. This is considerate to you and your ears in the long run too!


The best way to buy the best lightweight is to look at leaf blower comparisons, features and prices offered for different brands.

If you do the proper research, you will be able to find the ideal model with all the necessary features and at the best price!

Best Lightweight Leaf Blower Reviews

As we mentioned before, the best way to identify the type which offers convenience of use as well as good performance, is to check out a variety of customer reviews.

This is because the reports provided by the users of the blower give a helpful opinion about the product. In turn, this will help to inform your decision. By reading a lot of different reviews, you will also get an idea about the quality of the product you are going to buy, as well as the performance and durability of the item.

Therefore, to get into the specifics of the best lightweight options, here are four for your consideration.

Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Corded Leaf Blower


Sun Joe SBJ597E 6-Amp 155 Mph Electric Leaf Blower


The Sun Joe SBJ597E is a versatile product that can be used to clean up leaf litter and other debris, even snow!

Best suited for sweeping patios, driveways, decks and garages, this device packs a punch with a 120V 6-amp motor that creates up to 155mph airspeed and 260 CFM. It has a higher airspeed than some of the other models in this post because the device is corded. As a result, it can be plugged straight into a power source.

But, even though you’ll have more direct power at your disposal, you will need to make sure you’re close to an electric socket or an extension cable to use it.

At a weight of 3.9lbs, this Sun Joe model is hardly heavy, making it one of the best lighter models you can find.

With regards to the nozzle design, this one has a concentrator nozzle to make the airflow more powerful. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting enough power to move even the tallest piles of leaf litter and other debris.

Overall, the Sun Joe offers all of the benefits that you would expect from this kind of device. In addition, a two-year warranty also makes it a good choice for those looking for a solid product from a reputable brand, come snow or shine!

What We Like

  • With all of the products on this list, the device is lightweight and easy to use, with an instant start button
  • Electric nature of this device means you don’t have to worry about the battery running flat while you’re busy sweeping
  • Concentrator nozzle drives concentrated airflow to make sure you can clear and sweep up all kinds of leaf litter and debris


  • As we mentioned in the review, since the device is electric you will need to make sure it is plugged in. This means you can’t always move around with the device easily (or stray too far from your home/building)


WORX WG547 20V 2.0Ah Cordless AIR Leaf Blower/Sweeper


WORX WG547 20V Power Share Turbine Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower


The WORX WG547 is another one of the best lightweight leaf blower models on the marketplace today, especially for those who are looking to maintain a smaller area.

To give you an idea of some of the specifications, this blower has two speed settings. The lower one works better on hard surfaces such as your sidewalk or driveway and produces 60 MPH airspeed and 225 CFM. At the other end, it can produce 75 MPH wind and 360 CFM airflow. In addition, this product also has a 20V battery that can be used across the WORX range of tools.

A hyper-stream nozzle lets you direct the power of this blower wherever you need it, and a molded rubber hand grip gives you a comfortable hold on the 5 lbs machine.

To clarify, this device will help you to move all kinds of leaf litter and debris from shops, garages, driveways, and yards. With the flat lipped nozzle design that we just mentioned, it also helps to clear hard to reach surfaces.

Ultra-lightweight and compact, this product is very easy to use and store. Furthermore, it can be used by pretty much anyone, even those who might struggle to lift and carry mechanical devices.

What We Like

  • With the 20V battery, which is included, you can charge up quickly and power your device effectively with Max Lithium technology
  • Two speed settings are useful for clearing out different sized and surface areas
  • Batteries can be shared across the range of WORX 20V bare tools


  • As with any other one of the other lightweight models, this product will only really be useful in a smaller area and isn’t designed for extensive lawns or industrial use

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH 24322 Cordless Sweeper


Greenworks 40V (185 MPH / 340 CFM) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included


The Greenworks 40V 24322 cordless sweeper uses a high-performance G-MAX 40V battery, which provides delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging.

This product provides fairly similar wind speed and CFM at 185 mph and 235 CFM respectively. However, it has double the voltage, which means you’ll have just that much more power for cleaning leaves and debris off hard surface areas around your home, including your patio.

What’s more, this model has an additional 6 speed control capabilities on the tip of the sweeper. This allows you to better sweep and gather up all the debris and leaf litter that you’re blowing around.

This device is also cordless, so you won’t have to worry about plugging it in or having to be close to an electric socket. Since the product also uses a battery as opposed to a heavy gas engine, it’s also lightweight and easy to use. At 5.6 lbs, it is the heaviest on our list.

What We Like

  • The device doesn’t require any setup or maintenance, all you need to worry about is charging the battery
  • The device has a higher voltage than some other products, so there’s a decent amount of power available to blow away leaf litter and other debris


  • For anyone who uses other tools in the Greenworks range, this device will only be compatible with the G-MAX 40V Battery Models 29462, 29472, and 29482


Earthwise LB21020 20-Volt 150MPH Cordless Blower


Earthwise LB21020 20-Volt 150MPH Cordless Blower, 2.0AH Battery & Fast Charger Included


The Earthwise LB21020 is a good option if you are looking to clean up an average-sized lawn, without having to worry about cords and fumes.

With a powerful 20-Volt 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and fast charger included, you’ll only have to wait an hour to fully charge the device. This means you can cover a decent amount of lawn or garden over the course of a weekend.

In addition, this model has a powerful brushless motor, which provides superior power, run-time and durability. What’s more, you can vary the speed of the blower, with a maximum airspeed of 150 MPH and a maximum airflow of 70 CFM.

This device is easy to use, and at 3.5 lbs, it’s perfect for everyone. Even those who aren’t mechanically minded or confident around machinery will find it easy as it has a tool-less assembly.

If you’re looking to blow leaves and other debris off of your patio, deck, or sidewalk, this is an ideal option with a metal scraper ring at the base tube.

What We Like

  • This product is cordless and battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about adding any gas or oil, or about any fumes or mess.
  • Easy to use tool-less assembly
  • If you’re an Earthwise fan, the battery that comes with this device is compatible with all Earthwise 20-Volt Lithium-Ion products
  • 2-year tool and 1-year battery warranties are also a plus


  • This device won’t be suited for extremely large properties, as it has limited power. It’s more ideal for small lawns, gardens or homes.



If you’re looking for the best lightweight leaf blower, there is a wealth of advice and choices available. What you end up buying will depend on your needs, the type of yard work you will be doing, and the size of your property.

We’ve covered all kinds of devices above in the buyer’s guide and product review section, from electrical to battery operated, which all come with their pros and cons.

However, with any of the four lightweight options above, you should be able to find the leaf blower for your needs. This is because they are all manufactured by reputable brands, which also offer a range of other similar home and garden tools.

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