Tips to Choose the Best Brand of Leaf Blowers

Tips to Choose the Best Brand of Leaf Blowers

Are you fed up of using rakes in your garden? Is there a need for a powerful machine that will help in quickly getting rid of the leaves that fill up your garden and make it look less attractive?

Are you looking to reduce the time that you spend in your garden clearing the leaf and other debris that spoil the look of your garden? Well, a simple solution to this is to buy a good quality leaf blower. It will help in significantly reducing the time that you spend to clear your yard or garden.

It is very important to make sure that you have purchased the right kind of blower to do the job. As there are many different types and brands of leaf blowers in the market, you will get confused in choosing the right kind of blower for your need. This guide will give you insights into how to pick the right leaf blower.

Picking the right blower type

Basically, there are three types of leaf blowers. They are handheld blowers, walk behind blowers and backpack blowers.

Handheld blowers

  • These are the least expensive among the leaf blowers
  • They are lightweight and have a smaller motor. Hence, they are lighter blowers
  • These machines are recommended for smaller yard, garden, driveways or patios

Backpack blowers

  • The weight of the motor is carried on your back to aid in prolonged use
  • They have a powerful motor than the handheld ones and are heavier in weight
  • They are ideal for yards that extend up to 1-acre

Walk-behind blowers

  • They are the most expensive type of leaf blowers
  • The motor of the machine is seated on a wheeled frame and hence the size of the motor and the weight is unrestricted
  • These machines are ideal for multiple acres of yard

Blower power

The leaf blower has to be chosen according to the size of the yard you have. The air that a leaf blower can push out at one time is known as cubic feet per minute or CFM.

There are a few blowers that offer the air power in terms of miles per hour (MPH) rating. It is better to use a leaf blower that carries a CFM rating than the MPH rating.

  • Blowers that come with a rating of 200 CFMs are ideal to be used to clear patios and driveways
  • Blowers with the CFM rating of 200 to 400 are best suited to clear pathways, driveways and small yards of less than quarter an acre
  • Blowers with a CFM rating of 400 to 450 are ideal for small to medium sized yards
  • Blowers with 450 to 500 CFM rating are best for yards just under one acre
  • Blowers with over 500 CFM rating can be used to clear smaller and larger yards of over 1 acre size

Additional inbuilt features

All the three types of leaf blowers, the handheld, backpack or the wheeled blowers, might come with a mulcher or a vacuum. There will be a black bag attached to the main body of vacuum blowers. Once the leaves are all assembled as a pile, they can be sucked into the bag and hence can be easily disposed of.

If you use a blower with vacuum & mulcher feature, then the leaves that are sucked in will get shredded and this will increase the bag space.

The mulched leaves that you collect can then be put back on the lawn as it is a good fertilizer. It is ideal to use a leaf blower to vacuum & mulcher feature only if you need to take care of large sized yards. These blowers are very expensive.

Gas or electric blowers

Gas powered leaf blowers are expensive, louder and heavier and can do the clearing job very quickly. The electric leaf blowers are very quiet, very few emissions and are less powerful. They take more time to clear the leaf debris on your lawn.

The gas-powered leaf blower is preferred if you want to clear a larger area. The electric-powered leaf blower is an ideal option for small homes, where the area to be cleared is less than ¼ acre. This machine will be noiseless and therefore you will not cause any inconvenience to your neighbors.

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