Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower Review

Toro leaf blower 51585 Power Sweep Electric Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality leaf blower, one which comes at a pretty reasonable price, have a look at the Toro 51585 Power Sweep Leaf blower. Incorporating a powerful airspeed, this product makes short work of cleaning your sidewalks, patios, and driveways from unwanted leaves as well as debris. Moreover, it consists of a lightweight construction so you can easily move it from one place to the other without any hassle.

Toro is an American based company which started its business of manufacturing lawn equipment back in 1914. With more than ten decades of experience behind them, this manufacturer knows what it takes to perform flawless cleaning. And when it comes to the Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower, this product is yet another high-quality equipment from this manufacturer.

Toro Electric Power Sweep Leaf Blower


Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower Features


This Toro leaf blower 51585 is a lightweight model as the overall weight of this product is as low as a mere 4.6lbs. Thanks to such a construction, you don’t need an additional shoulder strap as this leaf-blower is quite easy to maneuver. Especially for those users who often suffer from some kind of back pain, they don’t have to exert much force while operating this product.

2-Speed Air Control

Regardless of the fact that it is lightweight blower, the Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower still does a good job when it comes to blowing away the leaves/debris. Incorporating a powerful 7A motor, this unit is designed to give 2 different airspeeds.

If you’re dealing with tight corners which require ultimate precision, you can go with the 130 MPH airspeed. However, when it comes to clean a much larger area, such as your courtyards, it also comes with a greater 160 MPH airspeed.

For switching from one airspeed to the other, the manufacturer has provided an easy to use switch on the handle of this leaf-blower. You can operate it with your hand which makes it quite easy to choose an airspeed of your choice.

Easy to Use

For using this Toro Leaf Blower, you will need a power outlet somewhere close to your work area as this electric model operates with the help of a cord. For managing the cord, the manufacturer has designed a small hook on this product which keeps it intact at all times. Hence, you don’t have to pull the cord which is a part and parcel of gas-powered leaf blowers.

However, you have to purchase the power cord on your own as it doesn’t come with this purchase. Generally, you’d need a 100 feet cord as it will make this leaf-blower easy to move around.


As compared to the gas-powered leaf-blowers, which makes quite of bit of noise during their operation, the Toro 51585 believes in a rather quiet operation. Even though it does come with a powerful motor, the noise which is produced from this unit makes sure that you don’t have to operate it while wearing earbuds.


On making this purchase, the manufacturer is offering an impressive 2-year warranty. It means that even in case of an unwanted incident – which is highly unlikely – you can avail this warranty without any hesitation.


  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to use for amateur as well as expert customers
  • 2 different airspeeds make the Toro Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower a versatile unit
  • Ideal corded leaf blower for cleaning small to medium sized home-space with ease
  • 2-year warranty gives customers a peace of mind


  • Airspeed isn’t good enough for high-end larger commercial jobs
  • Customers have to spend additional money on purchasing the cord


Available at an affordable price tag, the Toro 51585 Blower comes integrated with a series of hi-tech features. Weighing 4.6lbs, this product incorporates a 2-speed air control which makes it one of the most versatile electric leaf blowers.

You can either operate it with 130 MPH airspeed – for precise cleaning – or you can also go with 160 MPH for cleaning larger outdoors. In addition, the fact that customers will also get a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty makes sure that this is a durable leaf-blower.


The Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower is ideal for all those customers who are looking for an inexpensive yet high-quality purchase. Weighing 4.6lbs, this product is devoid of any complex mechanism which makes it easy to use for all kinds of customers.

Additionally, the 2 different air powers, which come integrated inside this unit, makes it a good-enough leaf blower to deal with a medium sized job. However, if you live in an area which has lots of trees, or your cleaning area is quite big, you might need to consider a bit more expensive model for effective cleaning. Check this model out today.

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