Why is It Advantageous to Choose Backpack Leaf Blowers?

Why is It Advantageous to Choose Backpack Leaf Blowers

Do you have a medium sized or a big garden area that is surrounded by a lot of trees? Are the dead leaves and other debris that gets collected in your garden area, giving you loads of cleanup jobs? If you want to complete the clearing up of the debris and fallen leaves, quicker and painlessly, then you should take a serious look at backpack leaf blowers.

This mechanical home improvement tool will easily blow all the dead leaves and debris to a certain collection area so you can remove the leaves from your garden and yard.

The gas powered backpack leaf blowers come with a super powerful two-stroke engine to help quickly break loose and blow away all the leaves and debris from your yard and garden.

Why buy backpack leaf blowers?

Since your garden or yard is a huge area, you will need to invest in a very powerful gas powered backpack leaf blower. Buying a larger heavy handheld leaf blower will end up being more of an inconvenience than providing you with ease of use.

These bigger handheld blowers are so heavy that it could cause pain your arms and hands after a few minutes of usage. If you do not want to be troubled by the handheld leaf blowers, then you should think of using backpack leaf blowers that are on sale in the market.

These backpack blowers, despite being heavy, will not cause any pain to your hand and arms as they can be carried on your shoulders and back. By using a backpack style blower, your hands will be free and you can easily target the dead leaves and other debris spread over your garden and lawn areas.

The backpack models are the most powerful blowers you will come across. They are also the heaviest blowers and this is why they are worn on the back.

They are the best machines to be used to clear heavy-duty leaves and debris from a big garden or yard. There are also no limitations to where one can be used since there are no electrical cords.

The newest models today offer hybrid four-cycle engines that will offer quieter motors, more efficient and low pollution performance. They are just as powerful, but they do cost more than the 2 stroke models.

How to shop for leaf blowers?

There are a few things that you should be taking into consideration when choosing the gas leaf blower for your yard or garden.

  • The power of the leaf blower has to be looked into and it is measured as airflow miles per hour (mph)
  • The quickly the air comes out of the leaf blower the better it will be in blowing the leaves away from your garden and yard
  • Choose the leaf blowers that carry the power rating of cubic feet per hour as this is a more accurate measurement than three miles per hour rating
  • The noise level of the machine also needs to be considered and choosing ones that have lower decibel levels is a good option
  • The mulching capacity or the mulching ratio is one important feature that you should check on the leaf blower and choosing one with 16:1 ratio is a very good option
  • You should be aware that there are a lot of factors that affect the performance of the leaf blower like the kind of leaves, wetness, power of the machine, mulching ratio, etc
  • There is no harm in checking with the local laws and ordinances by using a certain type of blower in your area
  • The weight of the machine is also an important factor to look into when buying a leaf blower
  • Some other features like variable speed blower, swivel and flared nozzles, fuel efficiency, etc., can also be considered when choosing the leaf blower


The backpack leaf blowers are the most common choices among many gardeners and landscaping companies for the simple fact that they can be carried on your shoulders. They provide complete freedom in the hands so that you can do the raking up, move things, etc.

The power output given by a backpack cannot be matched by any other handheld or electric leaf blowers. With the maximum weight of the blower resting on your back and shoulders, you enjoy better control of the blower when it is in operation.

The backpack leaf blowers are the ideal blowers to use for anyone suffering from arm, wrist and hand problems. So, next time you are looking to buy a leaf blower, think of backpack gas-powered leaf blower. Take a look at these models:

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