Worx WG546 Cordless Leaf Blower Review

Worx Cordless Leaf Blower WG546 Turbine Review

Cleaning your backyard during the windier seasons can be a bit of a hassle without the right tools. Whether it is sweeping lightweight debris such as leaves and twigs off your driveway, or more thorough general backyard clean up, you need a gardening tool that will get the job done more efficiently. Your about to find out about how a Worx WG546 cordless leaf blower can make cleanup a breeze.

It is an ultra-lightweight battery powered machine designed to make cleaning your backyard easy, requiring very little effort on your part.

In our review, we will layout the main features of this Worx cordless blower, highlight its pros and cons, as well as compare it to another lightweight and easy to use model on the market.

Worx WG546 Cordless Leaf Blower Details

Any homeowner with a garden will know the many benefits of owning a cordless leaf blower. Though there are a wide variety of cordless devices available on the market, one that offers enhanced power at an affordable price is the Worx Cordless Leaf Blower – model WG546.

As it is cordless, this blower provides enhanced mobility. There is no cord restricting the operator’s movements around the area they are cleaning. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and produces very little noise disturbance, unlike gas blowers which produce emissions and generate quite a bit of noise.

One of the best selling features on this product is its 20V turbine fan which is capable of producing high volumes of air-capacity. Because it is quite powerful, this machine can tackle a range of jobs and garden conditions. Leaves and debris become harder to blow away when they are wet and stuck together, however, the power on this tool means it can handle it as easily as if everything was dry.

Furthermore, its lightweight design ensures you will be able to easily clean your backyard with little to no effort on your part. You will no longer have to worry about carrying heavy gas models, nor will you have to worry about working around electric and extension cords.

This Worx Leaf Blower offers great value for money and is the ideal portable gardening solution.

Worx WG546 Cordless Features


WORX WG546 Turbine 20V PowerShare 2-Speed Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower


Lightweight, Portable, and Innovative Design

This blower is extremely lightweight weighing in at just under 6 lbs, it is easy to carry and maneuver. If you want something that isn’t going to cause strain when carrying it around, this could be an option.

With a 20V lithium-ion battery, it is able to supply an incredibly powerful 340 CFM air velocity. CFM refers to the volume of air that comes out of the tube per minute. What this means is that this particular model is capable of pushing 340 cubic meters of leaves and debris within a minute. The higher this number is, the better it is for blowing leaves quickly and efficiently.

An ideal feature of this product is the fact that it is fully battery operated. This means you will never have to worry about tripping over those pesky extension cords during your clean up. Simply plug it in and charge it up before you use it.

Furthermore, this Worx 2ov blower is designed to emit minimal noise, with a noise rating of 75 dB. This means you can clean your backyard at any time of night or day, without bothering your family or neighbors too much.

Another key feature that has led customers to choose this model over others is how easy it is to get started and use right away. No tools are required to put it together; all you have to do is unbox it, charge the battery, insert it, and then you are good to go.

Versatile Functionality

The Worx cordless leaf blower WG546 is both lightweight and comfortable, offering you easy one-hand operation. Featuring an innovative 2-speed control and a hyper-stream air nozzle, you can adjust and control the air output to meet the specific requirements of the task at hand.

This can range from light-duty cleanups to intense leaf and debris removal on just about any type of surface. Want to clear your flower beds without damaging the plants, set it to low speed. Want to reach underneath a garden bench and blow out any trapped leaves, set it to the faster speed.

Additionally, you can easily switch to leaf vacuum mode with a simple flip of a switch.

Enhanced Turbine Fan Technology

The new and innovative turbine technology of the Worx WG546 is designed to deliver high-capacity, forceful air volume. This ensures that you can clean anything from sidewalks and driveways to large piles of leaves.

WORX WG546 TURBINE 20V PowerShare 2-Speed Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

At the lower speed setting, the machine produces 60 mph winds and 225 CFM air volume. At the higher setting, this goes up to 90 mph winds and 340 CFM air volume. All of this power is delivered by a 20V rechargeable battery that takes 5 hours to charge and can run for up to 20 minutes without needing to be recharged.

If you want to remove the delay when waiting for the battery to recharge, keep a spare on hand to swap out.

Battery Compatible With Other Worx Tools

If you are the proud owner of other Worx tools that run on a 20V battery, we have good news. The Worx blower battery is part of the Worx power share family. It can, therefore, be used to power any of the compatible tools.

What this means is you can save money and share one battery across several of your tools instead of buying one for each.

Long Term Warranty

Another factor that sets this gardening tool ahead of its competitors is its long-term warranty. This model includes a warranty of up to 3 years! This is broken down into a 2-year standard warranty plus a 1-year extended warranty.

The additional 1-year extended warranty is included provided you register your product after purchase. You can register your Worx cordless leaf blower WG546.

In the case of a product failure within the first 3 years following purchase, Worx guarantees to do one of the following things:

  1. Repair or replace all defective parts
  2. Repair your defective unit
  3. Replace the defective unit with a new or reconditioned unit
WORX WG546 Turbine 20V PowerShare 2-Speed Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower



What We Like

  • Incredibly lightweight, portable and compact design
  • Easy to use cordless design
  • One-handed operation
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Low noise emissions of approximately 75dB
  • Decent cubic feet per minute – 340 CFM
  • Enhanced turbine technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Relatively inexpensive in comparison to other similar products

Minor Drawbacks

  • Run time is limited compared to other types of leaf blowers
  • 20 minutes of use on high power, use lower setting for longer use


If you are looking for an affordable lightweight cordless leaf blower that produces a bit more airspeed, the GreenWorks leaf blower 24252 40V Blower is an alternative to consider.

In comparison to the Worx which has 2 speed settings, this model comes with 6 variable blower speeds. Weighing in at 7 lbs,  it is also suitable for small yards that don’t require hours of heavy-duty cleaning. Overall it is extremely user-friendly, lightweight, and compact in design.

Featuring a high-performance G-Max 40V lithium-ion battery, this device provides enough power to ensure no memory loss occurs after charging. With multiple speed settings, you will be able to reach wind speeds of up to 150 mph, providing slightly stronger wind speeds than the Worx WG546.

Unfortunately, its run time is a little lower than the Worx – at 14 minutes be prepared to make a short time of the job at hand. Furthermore, even though it is a little more expensive than the Worx, it produces a lower cubic feet per minute air velocity.

That said, it does charge quicker than the Worx (one hour), is comfortable to carry, and won’t disturb your neighbors which are probably very close.

Is A Cordless Leaf Blower Right For Me?

As with each of the different kinds of the best battery powered leaf blower models out there, there are various pros and cons to each.

When selecting the most suitable one for you, consider the size of your yard, how much power you need and what you want to use the blower for (some can vacuum or mulch).

Another important fact is weight and how you will be using it around your yard as well. This type is very mobile as you can use it anywhere. We have a number of leaf blower reviews on this site to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Whether you live in a home with a large or small backyard, keeping it clean will always be a priority.

For those of you who want a quick and efficient way to do it, a Worx cordless leaf blower is certainly the best product for you. Removing the hassle of long and pesky extension cords, the Worx WG546 Turbine powerful airflow will ensure your backyard cleanup is tackled in the blink of an eye.

Designed to cut your clean up time by 50%, this gardening tool is perfect for small or large gardens. It can also handle all tougher types of debris due to its powerful 340 CFM air volume capacity.

Running solely on batteries, this device is environmentally friendly compared to emission producing gas blowers. Furthermore, innovative reduced noise functionality makes it a lightweight and quiet tool that anyone can use at any time of day or night.

If you are worried about the battery charge time, the Greenworks which we used as a comparison cuts charging time down to just one hour. However, it is more expensive and less powerful than the Worx WG546 cordless leaf blower. Check it out today and get free shipping to your home or business.

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